Sandwiches are eveyone’s favourite aren’t they?And children love to grab them at any time of the day. Keeping this in my mind, I made this recipe which is not only easy to make but is healthy and tasty as well. As we all know avocados are a good source of vitamins and minerals and tastes yummy also.They have very less sugar content and so they can be had by sugar patients without guilt. I have  used brown bread here which is more healthier than the whiter ones. This recipe does not involve any cooking except the toasting part as the…

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Who is not fond of pizzas and cheese?It is an universal food enjoyed by all at any time of the day. But bringing in a variety for kids is always a hard task and I made such an attempt by making this Pizza or lunch box. It is healthy version with wheat flour and vegetables loaded with cheese. It is a completely easy recipe and you can please anyone with this in no time. Unlike the other paratha varieties I have added the stuffing on top which is cheesy as well as tasty. But of course you can stuff it in…

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My daughter is fond of Noodles and can have it any time of the day. Besides making it tasty and healthy, I try out various methods of making it different to break the monotony and try out something new. I saw a rather unconventional way to make Maggi noodles and was instantly hooked by it and was so tempted that I tried it instantly. Needless to say, it was loved by Dhivya and this will feature in my kitchen often. A fusion of Chinese and Indian  this will be a super duper hit with all who try this out. If…

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Chaats are everyone’s favorite and I am no exception to this. I made this on one Sunday for evening snack. My daughter loves Sweet potato and I give it to her  in some form or the other in her diet. I have made this recipe with simple ingredients and time taken for this recipe is also very less. You can follow the recipe using potato as well. I am following the recipe given to me by my friend who makes this frequently at her home during fasting. They call it Shakkarkand Ki  Chaat. Sweet potatoes are rich in fibre, Vitamin…

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Thavala Adai is a heavy yet tasty snack or dinner recipe prepared in Tamil Nadu. It is a very filling recipe and my grandma used to make it with much passion. Loaded with lentils and rice this is liked by people of all ages. Some make the powder in advance and store it and make it whenever necessary. This is a Tanjavur District dish of Tamil Nadu. The crust formed on the outside portion is very delicious and coconut adds a nice flavour. It can be had as such without any  side dish but coconut chutney would be an awesome…

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These days I am making and eating a lot of chaats or salads for those sudden hunger pangs. This is one such recipe which was a truly innovative one, which was made almost instantly with the available ingredients at home that day. When one evening when I was thinking of making something with evening coffee, I found some leftover corn and a pomegranate fruit lying in the fridge. I also had some karaboondi and lo! A tasty recipe was born with added spices at home. This was a nice surprise when Dhivya came back from college and she enjoyed it…

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Cheese is one such accompaniment which is truly loved by kids and Dhivya is no exception. I try to include cheese in forms such as spreads, slices, processed or pizza cheese for various favorite recipes. It is loaded with milk protein and good for growing kids. It also has an ample source of Vitamin D. As you might recollect, Dipfoods have sent some baked crunchy goodies for review and made a appetizing dip out of cheese. It was an easy recipe to make I made it on a Sunday evening to munch. Needless to say it was loved by all…

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No one can resist burgers and if it is homemade,then it is all the more better. I love Alu Tikkis very much.Growing up in New Delhi, I have seen street vendors here and there selling hot Alu Tikkis all time of the day.Those times I never bothered what kind of oil goes in to it ,but enjoyed only gulping them down. But with growing years as many things changed now I am too choosy about eating things out. My daughter loves both burgers and Alu Tikkis and she was doubly happy as I made this 2 days back. Mc Donalds…

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Finger foods or party snacks are an all time favorite of all. I love making these kinds of snacks to kids which are healthy and can be please any crowd. Dip Foods sent me this packet of crunchy healthy baked canapes which unlike other canapes need not be fried in oil. I made a  total healthy version with incredibly tasty and finger licking paneer filling with schezwan sauce. The canapes vanished in no time as I served these beauties after daughter dear came home from college today. This was a total innovative recipe which came as a brain strom to…

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Sevai or Idiyappam is nothing but string hoppers or rice noodles which can be made with  so many variations or tastes. I have quite a number of sevai recipes and this is one such tasty and tempting recipe. This can be had as a snack or can be had for dinner too. I have made this with Savorit brand instant variety,  when I  was askd by them to write review about the product. But you can follow the same procedure and use Idiyappam . Since this uses curd it can be had with ease and can be made well in advance…

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