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Cheese is one such accompaniment which is truly loved by kids and Dhivya is no exception. I try to include cheese in forms such as spreads, slices, processed or pizza cheese for various favorite recipes. It is loaded with milk…

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Roti/Indian Flat Bread


I made Garlic Naan sometime back for the first time.I have never tried this recipe and wanted to try it after we tried it at a nearby restaurant.  It was very flavorful and fluffy in the middle.Hoping to incorporate the…

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Chilli Gobhi is a lip smacking stater recipe similar to Gobhi Manchurian.It is made out of deep fried cauliflower florets in maida and corn flour batter mixed with a variety of sauces.This Indo-Chinese dish is my daughter’s favorite and I made this for her some time back.This easy recipe can be made in 15 minutes if all ingredients are kept ready.It forms a good side dish for fried rice besides being a tasty snack.If you don’t want to serve it dry as I have done,you make add water and make it a gravy consistency.The tricky part is to keep the…

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Onion Samosa is one the recipes I wanted to try for a long time.Normally a potato filled samosa which is also called Punjabi Style Samosa would be the thing I try for weekend snacks.This was a new thing to me, but I have seen this in trains where vendors would be selling and also in school canteens and theaters.I always am scary when it comes to making samosas.Because the pastry dough should be soft and moist and not dry.Also the dough should be kneaded to the right consistency and the samosa should be golden brown. In spite of all the…

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 Tikkis and chaats are an all time favorite at home and keeping that in mind,i make tese frequently as an evening snack.I adapted this recipe from an youtube video by Chef Rakesh Sethi with minor alterations to suit my family’s taste buds.This turned out to be an innovative snack which is perfect during tea time.These kind of recipes are tasty and perfect to have on the menu.

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Diwali Sweets, Sweets, Vinayakar Chaturthi/Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes


 I never had a sweet tooth, but have always awed at my mom who used to make sweets and savories with much ease.In my growing years in New Delhi,when kitchen was almost unknown to me,every now and then a new delicacy would pop up and surprise us.This is one such traditional recipe which my mother made and that too in no time.I have also seen my grandma who used to sit painstakingly near the stove to make these deep fried dumplings. As I had this post long pending in my draft,i thought of posting this today.Children nowadays have a liking of desserts like doughnuts,cakes and pastries,but have you ever thought that in our Indian Cuisine there are innumerable desserts that you might have not even heard of.This Karjikai is a sweet made with maida dough which is rolled as a chapati and filled with sweet filling of coconut,roasted gram and sugar.As you can see it is in the shape of semi circle.Besides making this sweet for Diwali,people also make this for Ganesh Chaturthi.But you can make this at any time of the year to treat your loved ones,right?Over to this sweet recipe of Karjikai.

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It was a long time back that my recipe Soya65 got published in Kungumam Thozhi May last year.I have made this recipe a couple of times as daughter likes soya products and iam to make it as it is healthy too.Though i have a Paneer 65 recipe iam posting this since this is a little different from the Paneer65 recipe.It is quite a tasty and crispy one with soft in the middle and kids would surely love this for sure.. Notes

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It was sometime back that I made these cute Kala Jamuns.I have already in my blog,one recipe each for Khova Jamun and Dry Jamun,but this one is special and apt to post for the new year.This has a nut stuffing inside each of the balls which makes it rich and flavourful.Last year was special to me with few of recipes getting published in various magazines and newspapers.I also gained more viewership and my bloggotnoticed.I thank my readers for that and request you all to have continied support I the near future.As the year gets to a close and new year…

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I have been making chaats these days.What started with just papdis became a series of chaat recipes and I am with puri for chaats now.I made Bhel Puri and Sev Puri and then came the chance for these cute puris.I also made Masala Puri,Dahi Puri and Pani Puri too.Since it is hygienic and economical too to make these puris .I was long searching for a perfect recipe for puri for chaats as every time I tried to make them either they wouldn’t puff or would’t be crispy.I later stumbled upon the recipe in vah re vah and the puris were…

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