Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Dry Curry, Easy, Vegetarian


This recipe may be unknown to many and is a traditional recipe of People hailing from Tanjavur District in Tamil Nadu.They have a typical and one of a kind cuisine.I hail from This place and have tasted this yummy banana curry at home.Mom makes it during Amavasya or no moon day this curry or Vazhakai Podimas.It is customary to make Raw Banana on Amavasya day.This has minimal ingredients,yet it is very tasty and colourful, owing to the addition of turmeric powder as the name itself says.So here is the recipe for Vazhakai Manjapodi curry. SUMMARY Total Time:25 minutes

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This is the second day of Navarathri celebrations and iam back with another payasam or kheer recipe.It is a rice and coconut based payasam with a creamy texture.Iam planning to post a few payasam recipes for the festive season and this one was prepared yesterday.Since it is jaggery based it is auspicious for naivedhyam too.Tune in for more such kheer recipes at Nithya’s Kitchen,Now back to the recipe,it is a flavourful payasam with little preparations.And on this joyous occasion try out this kheer and offer it to the GODDESS and serve it to all.. Notes

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Kootu, Rice Accompaniments


Whenever a south indian menu comes to mind and I have to make a full fledged tamil cuisine,I don’t forget making this kootu.It is juicy,spicy and tastes awesome with any rice and gravy.The coconut imparts a special taste to the ash gourd and with crispy dal temperings tastes even good.I make this during any get togethers and every time is enjoyed and liked by all.You can have this with rasam and rice too,it also tastes nice.Try this simple humble kootu and let me know.. Notes

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Rice Accompaniments, Thogayal/Podi, Traditional Recipes


We all experience this mood sometimes,when we don’t want to cook,yet want to enjoy a wholesome meal with simple menu at home.I too feel this many a times and enjoy this Paruppu Podi immemsely.It is a classic and accurate recipe that can be made in no time,with easy methodology.Anyone can make this,just take care to dry roast the ingredients well,just golden brown.Once that is done,this half the work is done.Whenever you want a light and simple meal,make paruppu podi in advance and have any vegetable kootu or stew with steaming rice and dollops of homemede ghee.See below the quick recipe…

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Kuzhambu Varieties, Rice Accompaniments, Traditional Recipes


Sambhar is one of the most sought recipes of the south indian cuisine.Infact all south indian households prepare this almost 3-4 times a week for sure.I also prepare sambhar in our daily menu almost eery other day,but I realised suddenly I didn’t have this sambhar recipe in my blog.It is a fool proof easy basic recipe which is a child’s play if folowed correctly.I usually make sambhar powder,the basic ingredient for this recipe at home.When Aveta Amber from Eastern Spices contacted me to write review for their products,I gladly acknowledged.This brahmin sambhar powder was in the parcel she sent me.I…

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It is a favorite gravy,this Morkuzhambu.But this one does not involve the usual soaking of dals and the lengthy proceedure. This is an easy recipe which I learnt from my MIL who learnt it from her MIL.Secret family recipe.As I was scrolling in my blog,I realised I didn’t have this yogurt based recipe ,so I started preparing it instantly.Even bachelors who want to have morkuzhambu the easy way can go ahead with this.The other point to be noted here is that,even if you don’t have any veggie,still you can make this as I have made this with Manathakkali Vathal. You…

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Akkaravadisal is a typical iyengar dessert made and offered to GOD during festivities.It can be sugar or jaggery based but made with rice.In iyengar style it is made with jaggery and is famous neivedhyam in VISHNU temples.It uses milk and lots of ghee,which gives the extraordinary creamy and melt in the mouth texture and is truly divine to taste.I know of a sugar based version of this recipe too,which I intend to post later.You can try for the forthcoming Janmashtami,this recipe which if followed with proper steps is an easy recipe to make.Try out this yummilicious recipe this festive season…

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