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I always like healthy yet easy to make foods which are not only tasty but quick to make as well. Recently I was asked by Dip Foods to write review for their products and I am happy that I did….

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Vada Pav is a street food which is deep fried potato patty with spices and chutneys and native to Mumbai.Though I have had this addictive snack many times,I am making it for the first time at home.This is a step wise process involving preparing chutneys,making potato patties and assembling them on the pav bun. Pav is a variant of Pao which means sweetened bread in Portugese. The Vada Pav is an innovative recipe made by a Marathi and the rest is history.Many restuarants sell these cute vada pavs and some have additional toppings as well.I am also fond of Pav…

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Chinese style veg fried rice is a favorite at my home. I pack this for lunch to my husband and my daughter and they love it so much that it doesn’t even matter if the food is cold. My daughter would order this or veg hakka noodles every time we visit hotels. It is a rage among kids of this generation of having chinese food at restaurants and I have made a small gesture of making it healthy as well by adding lot of fresh veggies.But then hotels might add Ajinomoto or Chinese salt which I do not use, as…

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Pineapple Fried Rice was one of the things which I wanted to post for a long time.As I had Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Rice in my pantry,I set out to make this yummy rice dish.And did you know that the Platinum range of Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Rice comes from the ethereal snow-fed valleys of the Himalayas. The rice has a signature sweet flavour and a heavenly aroma that is beyond compare. This traditional & authentic variety of Basmati Rice is naturally aged for 24 months and matured to perfection for its pearl look, soft feel and sweet aroma. Needless to say…

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Garbanzo Tomato Pasta Soup is a totally filling soup and a meal in itself owing to the addition of pasta and garbanzo.Garbanzo is nothing but white chick peas which can be either soaked and pressure cooked or store bought in a can.I have soaked and cooked it,you can do it either way.When I first sounded the name of this,I was thinking this might be a tiring job and tough recipe to make.But I was wrong.I made this within 15 minutes and was ready for dinner well before tome.The addition of basil leaves adds an Italian touch and the flavor is…

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Mashed Potatoes is an American recipe which is very predominantly used in their cuisine.It is very easy to make and this recipe is made by my dear daughter who loves to make international recipes.I am a bit conditional and do thigs all by myself in cooking,but this was an exeption.Since it is easy and quick to make and one of her favourite recipes,she chose to make this one.She has helped me in many occasions,be it chopping the veggies,preparing a dish,selecting dishes or plates for photography including props.This one is her own recipe and made by her.I am so proud of…

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