Breakfast Recipes


Moong Dal Khichdi is a delicious one pot meal using rice, lentils with a few spices and vegetables. There are many variations and methods in making this, but I have stuck to a basic simple method using pan. The time…

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Rasam, Rice Accompaniments


Dhivya loves beetroot a lot and besides making beetroot fry, I make beetroot halwa I also make korma. This rasam I saw in a cookbook which turned out to be super yum. The bright colour and blended spices gave a…

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Potato Recipes, Snacks


In our home all are fond of snacks and I make them once a week, usually on weekends.As the weather is chill here it is always divine to have some deep fried snack wit masala chai.Such came one occasion last…

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Idli Varieties, Snacks


I had this Green Masala Idli for the first time when I came here to Bangalore about 13 years back in Sri Krishna Bhavan Restuarant. I was so much hooked by the taste that I would have it each time we visited there.I was tempted to make this last week with the small amount of idli batter that was left over.The greens needed for the recipe was also available at home and as an enthusiastic blogger I sprang in to the kitchen and started for the preparation.This recipe has palak or spinach included in it and can be fed to…

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Lunchbox Ideas, Pulao, Rice Variety


Methi Matar Pulao is a delicious combination of green methi or fenugreek leaves and peas with cooked rice and spices. This time I set to make a green pulao with fresh methi leaves and peas and the result was overwhelming. All at home liked it to the core and I was totally pleased with the outcome. I made this pulao with Kohinoor Super Basmati Rice, naturally aged for 24 months, thus matured for the perfect taste and as we all know it is 100% original Pusa variety and has buttery softness rice when cooked and the grains are long and…

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Biryani, Lunchbox Ideas, Rice Variety


Biryani with curry leaves? Sounds new, right? I was on the lookout of making a new flavored biryani and this idea popped in my head. Curry leaves have a distinct flavour, and a pleasing aroma which when added even a little bit, adds taste to the whole dish. In my pantry I had Kohinoor Extra Long Basmati Rice and thought of trying this rice to make this new biryani. The addition of Kohinoor Gold Basmati rice which is 24 months Naturally Aged Pure & Authentic Basmati rice makes the dish really special & the beautiful green colour of the curry…

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