Pineapple is an exotic tropical fruit variety which is loved by all. I have made a deliciously easy recipe here with pineapple spears that are coated with buttery, chilly, and sweet flavors grilled to perfection. My daughter who loves fancy…

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Reviews, Snacks


No one can resist burgers and if it is homemade,then it is all the more better. I love Alu Tikkis very much.Growing up in New Delhi, I have seen street vendors here and there selling hot Alu Tikkis all time…

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Paneer, Snacks


Paneer is an all time favourite for my daughter.She loves paneer recipes the most and often end up ordering recipes out of paneer whenever we chance upon to eat out.As it is raining here in Bangalore I am into the mood of making some snacks and today it is Paneer Pakoda.In North they call as pakodas of what we South Indians term as Bhajji.I make Bhajjis with onion,potato,capsicum,brinjal and chillies too.This is a slight North Indian version of our normal bhajji with a little addition of chaat masala on top or with the batter for that extra taste. Normally whenever…

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Diwali Snacks, Snacks


All kinds of snacks are a welcome at home and quickly disappears too from the kitchen.On my recent trip to New Delhi my husband brought a pack of this from the famous Bikanerwala shop.They have a beautiful array of snacks and sweets,my favourite there being Idli Dhokla.So when he brought that and I tasted it I knew I would be preparing these when I return back.True,I did and here I am with the recipe.It is an easy combination of green gram and channa dal with sev,cashews and almonds topped with masalas.You can add poha too,but I have not added since…

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Drinks, Summer Coolers


Lassi is an Indian yogurt drink with thick and creamy texture.It is best when served cold and you can play wildly your imagination with respect to flavourings that go with it.Lassis are good for health especially in hot months of summer.It is also called as Namkeen Kheera Lassi and is one of the refreshing and cooling drinks that i ever tasted.Cucumber of all sorts is available in plenty in the markets during summer and why don’t you make a good use of it besides using them for salads.So in a nutshell this is the most ideal bevarage or drink during…

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Drinks, Mango Recipes, Summer Coolers


The summer is at it’s peak and the mangoes are in season.That has driven me to try this long pending to try on my list Aam Panna. Last week when i went to the market i purchased a few raw mangoes.We make pickles of various types with mangoes and eat the long cut pieces.Also there are a variety of gravies and of course as we all know,we make juices and shakes too. This is a North Indian cooler drink made with raw mangoes and is very popular there owing to it’s availability of varieties and numbers.I learnt that raw mangoes…

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Chaat, Snacks


Tawa Channa is a fulfilling,guilt free snack which can be had at any time of the day.I stumbled upon this recipe in Tarla Dalal website and was glad i did.It had an instant liking at home and was easy to make as well.This is less time consuming and when unexpected guests drop over treat them with this scumptious snack and iam confident they’ll like it for sure.Whatever be the occasion,be it a party or any gathering this will assume a special place.I have tried it to eat for dinner as well and it was really very filling,yet light on the…

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It was a long time back that my recipe Soya65 got published in Kungumam Thozhi May last year.I have made this recipe a couple of times as daughter likes soya products and iam to make it as it is healthy too.Though i have a Paneer 65 recipe iam posting this since this is a little different from the Paneer65 recipe.It is quite a tasty and crispy one with soft in the middle and kids would surely love this for sure.. Notes

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Dry Curry, Side Dish for Roti


It has been a long time I posted anything for side dish for roti.So last sunday for dinner I made for chapathis this excellent and spicy side dish .I have made a colacassia recipe in my blog but that is a south indian curry.I have never before tried colacassia as a side dish for roti but seeing Nisha Mdhulika’s blog I came up with this aromatic and spicy version which my daughter enjoyed a lot.I have heard and seen also that some people make make achari masala at home.People in North India add nigella or onion seeds for most of…

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