Raita/Pachadi, Traditional Recipes


Many of you might be familiar with Lady’s Finger recipes such as Bhindi Kurkure, Alu Bhindi Fry,Vendakai Curry etc.I have these recipes in my blog and make many bhindi recipes as it is a favorite vegetable at home.This Puli Pachadi from lady’s finger is an authentic dish unknown to many with sweet and sour tastes good enough to tantalize your taste buds.Basically this recipe is Okra in tamarind sauce with spices and jaggery boiled and thickened to perfection.I also didn’t know one such recipe existed but when I was casually searching for lady’s finger recipes,I saw this recipe and was…

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It is getting hotter and hotter each day and it is always a chill feeling to have something cold.Usually in summers besides juices,lassis and ice creams, for side dish to the main course i try to include more raitas and salads.As I was wondering what to make something for raita with a twist,this channa raita recipe came as a brain storm to my mind and I ended up in making this.This is a super quick and easy recipe which can made by kids too.As simple as that. I had made channa masala the day before and some of the soaked…

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Mango Recipes, Raita/Pachadi


When it comes to mangoes it is always welcomed at home.Be it the fruit or raw,it is enjoyed in all forms.This traditional pachadi is so tangy and sweet that you wouldn’t stop eating at a few mouthfulls.Traditionally made during festivities it liked by one and all.It requires very less ingredients an

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Raita/Pachadi, Rice Accompaniments


One of the long forgotten raita or pachadi is this Urad Dal Flour raita/Dangarma Pachadi.A very easy to make recipe with very less ingredients and less time to prepare.My mother and MIL both make this and I have tasted this many a times during childhood days.I like raitas since they are creamy and good for stomach as they contain yogurt.This is a very authentic and old recipes which iam not sure how many people prepare this nowadays but you will be surprised by it’s taste and unique flavour.Even children will like this because of the nutty taste of the roasted…

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Raita/Pachadi, Rice Accompaniments


We always look for accompaniments for the main dishes and they are always an added attraction to our main dish.Raitas are good sidedishes for any rice variety and when i made coriander rice last week i also made this capsicum tomato raita.The crunchiness of fried capsicum was well complimented with freshly chopped tomatoes.It is a very quick recipe and can be made by bachelors as well.I am posting this as my first bachelor recipe,so that it will be an easy side dish option for them.Do use fresh and unsour thick curd for better results.See recipe below.. Notes

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Raita/Pachadi, Rice Accompaniments, Traditional Recipes


Raitas are always a good accompaniment to rice,chapathis and can be just eaten as well.This gooseberry raita/nellikai pachadi in tamil has so many health benefits that i can possibly write here.It is an age old recipe made in our house and we tend to forget the old time recipes nowadays,possibly because of the change in the food habits of our younger generation taste buds who like fancy and fast food. Keeping all the taste buds of all age groups,i do prepare authentic food recipes atleast 3-4 times a week and i do try to include foods that have health benefits…

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Easy, Raita/Pachadi


Narthangai means citron and this is a tamarind based gravy.Truly heavenly when tasted this pachadi is served with dosa or curd rice.It tastes like lemon but bigger in size.Select the ones which are juicy as only that makes the pachadi tasty..Did you know citron has amino acids,vitamins,ascorbic acid,glutamic acid etc.Taking citron in any form helps in curing kidney stones and in constipation.It also helps in blood purification and stomach ulcers.It also helps in beating body heat.So if a thing has so much of health benefits i never miss to buy it whenever i get a hold of it.Now let us…

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