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Dharwad Peda is a sweet unique to the town of Dharwad in Karnataka state. It was originally started by the Thakur family who had migrated from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh and stared business here. Line Bazar Peda is one of…

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Diwali Sweets


This is basically a recipe made out of gulab jamun mix and not out of gulab jamun. I was quite tempted to try out this exciting recipe as I had never heard of such a sweet before.But it is Diwali…

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Diwali Sweets, Indian Festival Recipes, Kesari Recipes, Navarathri Recipes, Sweets


Banana Sheera is a tasty dessert made from semolina,sugar,milk and banana.South Indians call it Kesari whereas in North it is called suji ka halwa. Normally I make kesari for various occasions for offering it to GOD.I have also seen here in Bangalore people making it for Satya Narayana Pooja. Whatever may be the occasion,it is a tasty desert that can be made in no time.One of my friends said she used to feed her infant with this Banana Sheera and as it is quite easy to swallow and soft.Here in Karnataka this is called Kesari Bath and is usually served…

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Diwali Sweets, Indian Festival Recipes, Navarathri Recipes, Sweets


Gud Papdi or Sukhdi as it is called is an authentic Gujarati sweet made with wheat flour and jaggery.It can be made in a matter of minutes and is full of taste and is also an energy booster.It is also made in Maharashtra and is eaten with same awe.Many people in Gujarat have the habit of eating this at anytime of the day, preferably for instant jaggery or sweet rush.It has a crumbly texture and tends to melt in the mouth once you bite in to it.Though I have never tried any Gujarati sweets,but have a few snacks on my…

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