As the days progresses I get messages from the Cucumber town team that my blog is finally migrated.Boy,am I happy!It was a wait,for me patience and waiting combined. All at Cucumber town are super friendly,helpful and answer every bit of your queries and that too instantly.My heart felt thanks to Arun, Roli,Cherian, Subin, Bhargavi and Ramya and to all those whom I might not have encountered but has helped my technically in setting up this blog.

This is my first post in Cucumber town and I am super excited about it.After a long time I am posting something and thought why not write about a product which I recently got and I am really happy to own this.I am talking about Milton’s new intelligent homeware Full Meal 3 Combo.Yes,it is easy to pack,carry,handle and of course,spill proof.My daughter is the proud owner of this lunch box which she carries to her college daily. I have given the links for the recipes which i have made in the recent past.Click them to view them and try them out.The products are 4 in number with two 350ml boxes called i-fresh 350 for carrying main food items as rice or roti or any side dish,perhaps.The other small box with 200ml capacity can be for salads,raita or any side dish. Last but not the least a 400ml i-fresh glass container is for any juice,lassi milkshakes or drink.Check out for the product at all leading stores.Milton truly has come up with a fresh look and the product is spill free,and comfortable to carry.It has a bag to carry and place for spoon and fork to be kept. A true value for money,give it a try and I am sure you will like it.

In 350 ml i have packed Lemon Rice .the link for the recipe is as under.

In another 350ml i have packed Capsicum Tomato Raita,the link for the recipe is under.

In the third box of 200ml capacity i have packed Beetroot Stir Fry.Check out the recipe below.

In the tall and spill proof glass i have made Watermelon Cooler to quench the summer thirst.Check out the recipe here.