Side Dish for Roti


Aamras is a popular dessert in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. In the summers when mangoes are available in plenty, this recipe is enjoyed best in most households of the region. I have a Maharashtrian friend who gave this recipe to me. I had never tasted aamras and was wondering how to make it, when I suddenly remembered and asked her about this. much to my surprise, this involved only two steps and the dish was made. Usually it is served with hot pooris, but you can have it as a dessert as well. I served this with hot…

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Indian Festival Recipes, Payasam/Kheer Recipes, Raksha Bandhan Recipes


Caramel Kheer  is an innovative  dessert that can be made during festivites and celebrations. As Raksha Bandhan is here, I am here today with the easy and tasty kheer  to rekindle the relationship of brothers and sisters. Raksha means “bond of protection” and is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana, which falls usually in the month of August.  Any festival would be incomplete with sweets and here I am today with one such recipe. I made this super quick with my new addition in the kitchen. I have with me now Nielep’s cooking ranges….

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Dinner recipes, International Recipes, Pasta


Potato Gnocchi is an Italian delightful pasta. Loaded with Italian herbs and sauce of our choice it is an awesome treat for your taste buds. The potato dumplings are of pillowy texture and fried to perfection with tasty sauces.The cheese adds a nice twist and improves the taste. With available ingredients a little muscle of yours to work you can create a wonderful recipe. I have made this with white sauce, but can try with tomato or pesto sauce as well. This can grace any occasion and will be the star attraction in your menu, if you are throwing a…

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Kids Recipes, Roti/Indian Flat Bread, Snacks


Who is not fond of pizzas and cheese?It is an universal food enjoyed by all at any time of the day. But bringing in a variety for kids is always a hard task and I made such an attempt by making this Pizza or lunch box. It is healthy version with wheat flour and vegetables loaded with cheese. It is a completely easy recipe and you can please anyone with this in no time. Unlike the other paratha varieties I have added the stuffing on top which is cheesy as well as tasty. But of course you can stuff it in…

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Lunchbox Ideas, Reviews, Rice Variety


Some time back I was asked to write reviews on various delicious products from Kai Ruchi. They are an on line store dealing in instant powders, health mixes, pickles and ready to eat mixes and much more. Their products are fresh and neatly packed and they are lip smacking delights. This one is particularly my favorite as it has no hard work involved. You need to cook the rice, cool it and mix with this ready made paste. I made this during our train journey and it was a memorable trip as well. I have always thought train journeys and…

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Chaat, Kids Recipes, Snacks


My daughter is fond of Noodles and can have it any time of the day. Besides making it tasty and healthy, I try out various methods of making it different to break the monotony and try out something new. I saw a rather unconventional way to make Maggi noodles and was instantly hooked by it and was so tempted that I tried it instantly. Needless to say, it was loved by Dhivya and this will feature in my kitchen often. A fusion of Chinese and Indian  this will be a super duper hit with all who try this out. If…

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Avani Avittam Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Sweets


I have been out of the blogging scenario for sometime now, and it seemed it would never happen in the near the future. I was travelling and couldn’t get to the routine, though I wanted to do very much. I am posting today a sweet recipe called Thengai or Coconut Poli. It is a very easy to make recipe and can be in a short time. The good part is it can be stored for a week if kept in fridge. I made this  two weeks ago and I was happy to take pictures as well. Coconut Pornam or the…

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Breakfast Recipes, Reviews, Sevai Recipes


Sometime back I had a chance to try Savorit brand’s Gopuram sevai or idiyappam recipes. They turned out super hit at home and I have made this several times but hadn’t had the chance to post here. I like the traditional sevai which is made in the nazhi or press and it is well liked at home as well. But this instant version was equally good, cutting down the process of hard labour but not compromising on the taste.  I have added many vegetables here, so you can pack this for lunch as well. I have many variations in this…

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Lunchbox Ideas, Pulao, Rice Variety


Pulaos in any form are always a blessing when it comes to packing food for lunch or while planning an one pot meal. Besides the various pulao varieties that I have in my blog, this one is totally new to me and I found a new way to make consume the healthy greens which are otherwise avoided or disliked by our kids. If you plan and make the meal attractive and present it in a pleasing way, it can never fail you and the kids will be all the more happy. As we all know spinach has protein, minerals, iron…

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Kuzhambu Varieties


  Morkuzhambu is a tasty yogurt based gravy slightly sour in taste. Usually made with Ash gourd, Lady’s Finger or Chayote, this one with raw mango along with cucumber adds a special taste and flavour to the gravy. I have Ash Gourd Morkuzhambu already in my blog, but this recipe I was tempted to make since it is mango season now. Totapuri mango is best for this recipe as it is sour and mildly sweet as well. Cucumber adds a nice balance to the taste and it tastes awesome with any variety rice. Do not over boil the gravy as…

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Chaat, Kids Recipes, Snacks


Chaats are everyone’s favorite and I am no exception to this. I made this on one Sunday for evening snack. My daughter loves Sweet potato and I give it to her  in some form or the other in her diet. I have made this recipe with simple ingredients and time taken for this recipe is also very less. You can follow the recipe using potato as well. I am following the recipe given to me by my friend who makes this frequently at her home during fasting. They call it Shakkarkand Ki  Chaat. Sweet potatoes are rich in fibre, Vitamin…

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