Diwali Sweets, Sweets


Dharwad Peda is a sweet unique to the town of Dharwad in Karnataka state. It was originally started by the Thakur family who had migrated from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh and stared business here. Line Bazar Peda is one of the famous sweets in Dharwad..I have earliest memories of my father bringing these home and I used to love it each time. He had a Kannadiga friend who when visited  his native place would pass on this to him. Never did I imagine that I would be settling in Karnataka one day  and be a total foodie and a passionate…

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Diwali Sweets


This is basically a recipe made out of gulab jamun mix and not out of gulab jamun. I was quite tempted to try out this exciting recipe as I had never heard of such a sweet before.But it is Diwali time and I am in search of new recipes. It is a very easy one and if you are really looking for a good and super quick recipe, then this is the one. Using very little ingredients I made this in no time. We recently purchased a new car and I made this for celebrating the new addition to our…

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Diwali Snacks, Snacks


  I am fond of chivda and South Indian Mixtures. But then, who isn’t? But in that process we all end p in deep frying and or calorie intakes are also considerably increased. But this wonder recipe with very less oil content and no compromise on the taste, I was too much tempted to try out. Recently my Mother-in Law was diagnosed with very high Diabetics and I had to make many changes in her daily diet. From white rice to red and brown rice and switching to millets was the many changes that is taking place in her diet…

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Diwali Sweets, Ladoo Recipes, Sweets


Ladoo with broken wheat, wheat rava or dalia was totally new to me. I first stumbled upon this while browsing for a different, yet tasty and healthy recipe. This recipe is totally easy and very easy to make. As Diwali is fast approaching, it is an excellent way to try this delicious melt in the mouth sweet balls. Wheat Rava has more carbohydrates and less of fat and can be easily had by people of all ages. There are ample ample amounts of phosphorous, potassium snd Some B Vitamins. It is easy to digest and quite filling as well. The…

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Diwali Sweets, Ladoo Recipes, Sweets


Come Festivals it is a must to make sweets and desserts and I am no exception. As I was thinking on making a simple yet special dessert, this easy recipe crossed my mind which my friend had shared with me months before. It is a delicious ladoo which is made with very easily available ingredients at home. And it’s so easy to make as well. You can make this for any festival , I made it during last weeks Navarathri celebrations, you can try the same for the upcoming Diwali festival. My daughter’s friends who came for lunch last week…

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Indian Festival Recipes, Sundal Recipes


Today for the Navarathri festival I made Navadhanya Sundal task of making this for prasadam. As sundal is an essential offering during this festival down South, I took the task of making this. It turned out to be highly tasty and all at home enjoyed to the core. Coming to the name Navadhaya, this implies nine legumes which is so easily available in our homes. Come to think of it, our ancestors were totally aware of the health benefits and for each occasion made a different recipe as an offering during festivities which was not only tasty but also healthy….

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Indian Festival Recipes, Navarathri Recipes, Sundal Recipes


Sundal is a must offering to GOD in all households in South India during Navarathri. We at home usually arrange dolls in steps and celebrate the occasion with pomp and gaiety. Sundal can be made using various dals and legumes and it is highly nutritious and healthy. This particular recipe is made with black urad dal which has a high source of protein and fibre. It also has Vitamin B in abundance and is highly recommended to girls and women in particular. If you take black urad dal regularly in your diet, it cures many of your health problems including…

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Sandwiches are eveyone’s favourite aren’t they?And children love to grab them at any time of the day. Keeping this in my mind, I made this recipe which is not only easy to make but is healthy and tasty as well. As we all know avocados are a good source of vitamins and minerals and tastes yummy also.They have very less sugar content and so they can be had by sugar patients without guilt. I have  used brown bread here which is more healthier than the whiter ones. This recipe does not involve any cooking except the toasting part as the…

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Pineapple is an exotic tropical fruit variety which is loved by all. I have made a deliciously easy recipe here with pineapple spears that are coated with buttery, chilly, and sweet flavors grilled to perfection. My daughter who loves fancy recipes asked me to do this one which she read on a website. She not only helped me in making this but clicked the pictures as well. I was highly impressed by the dedication she showed and was happy with the outcome as well. Coming to the recipe, this involves less work but yields remarkable results. Pineapples are available all…

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Breakfast Recipes, International Recipes


Pancakes are always filling and tasty, if taken during breakfast. I make it once in a while and my daughter Dhivya relishes each time I make it. I have already two pancake recipes in my blog, but this one is full of chocolate and bananas. I generally make this for breakfast but you can try this for evening snack as well. It is one of the most easy recipes and takes very less time to prepare and it doesn’t involve any expertise in making these delicious pancakes. You can make a lot of variations in this by adding fruits like…

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