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This recipe comes with a happy note, wishing all my readers a VERY HAPPY 2018!! Kaju Pista Roll has always fantasised me in all the shops and also in the assorted sweet boxes that is usually exchanged during festivities. And I was reluctant and a bit fearful to try out as how it might turn out. But as an attempt tried out this two days back and was glad I did. this delicious cashew nut and pistachio fudge is a real treat for people with sweet tooth and is of melt in the mouth consistency. This can grace any occasion be it Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or New Year Celebrations. These cute elongated rolls are surely a treat to both your eyes and mouth as well.  These are rich in taste and texture and nutty feeling lingers in your taste buds even after a long time you have consumed it.

If you are planning for a party with guests your guests will savour it with great relish and this will earn you a great name for sure. Coming to the recipe, many people dry roast the nuts before powdering them, but I have not done so. Be sure to powder the cashews at regular intervals as chances are for it to turn oily as cashew nuts have more fat content and might stick to the sides of the blender. Also adding green colour to the pista mixture is your choice, you can avoid it if you don’t wish to add.  I had a difficult time in mixing the sugar syrup and pista powder as it turned thick quickly owing to the crystallization of sugar. Be sure to try this under low flame and constant stirring. The sugar needed for the recipe is less compared to other sweets and so you can easily have it without fear.



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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
  1. Take cashews in a blender.
  2. Powder it nicely.
  3. In a pan add sugar and water.
  4. Once the sugar syrup attains one srting consistency add the cashew powder.
  5. Adding a little ghee mix well.
  6. Once it leaves the sides of the pan, switch off the flame.
  7. Take pista in the blender.
  8. Powder it nicely.
  9. In a pan add water and sugar.
  10. Wait till it reaches one string consistency.
  11. Add pista powder now.
  12. Add green food colour.
  13. Add ghee and mix till it leaves the sides of the pan.
  14. Take two small bowls and cool down both the mixtures seperately.
  15. Make small balls out of the mixtures keeping in mind to make the cashew balls bigger than the pista ones.
  16. Flatten the cashew mixture on a butter paper or zip lock cover with the help of a rolling pin.
  17. Make an elongated shape pista with the pista dough and keep it on the cashew mixture.
  18. Roll it nicely and tightly.
  19. Big roll is ready.
  20. Cut it into small pieces. Make rest of the cashew and pista mixtures similarly and make like these elongated rolls.
  21. Serve immediately.
Recipe Notes

You can roast the nuts before powdering.

If you have kept these nuts in fridge, bring it to room temperature and then powder it as it will have lot of moisture in it.

You can add a teasppon of milk to the mixture, if you find the mixture dry.

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