Rasam, Rice Accompaniments


If you ask me what is your comfort food, instantly without thinking my answer would br Rasam. Rasam is a thin gravy or soup with or without lentils, Served as a second course in a South Indian meal. I have…

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Kuzhambu Varieties, Traditional Recipes


After Navarathri festivities I am sure all of you will be needing a simple yet tasty lunch options.I made this Mango Drumstick Sambhar today and it was as tasty as ever.I wanted to make plain Mango Sambhar but ended up with adding drumstick as well.Raw Mango Sambhar adds the rice to a new taste and imparts a special flavour.As you might know here you should keep the tamarind extract a bit less as we are adding mango which will make the sambhar sour.The mango when cooked tends to get softer and tastier.You can add brinjal or capsicum also in place…

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Avani Avittam Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Snacks, Traditional Recipes, Vada


Aama Vadai or Paruppu Vadai as it is called is a bengal gram and tur dal based fritter usually made during festivals in Tamil Nadu.It is specially made during Weddings,Boghi and Avani Avittam. Avani Avitttam or Upakarma is a vedic ritual practiced by Hindus of Brahmin caste.It is conducted once in a year during the month of Shravana when Brahmins change their Upanayana thread. This day is also important as Brahmins worship Rishis and offer libation of water to their ancestors. Amongst other delicacies Paruppu Poli and Paruppu Payasam is also made.The vadai is a no garlic no onion recipe,since…

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Snacks, Vada


Rasam Vada is a popular snack or starter which is filling and light on the stomach. Vadas are made crisp and soaked or dunked in spicy hot rasam. To make this make vadas first and then rasam. Normally urad dal vadas are made for rasam vadas,but you can make dal vadas and soak them in rasam too.I plan to make the rasam with dal vada soon and post in it in the near future.I am sure you will all like the soft and melt in the mouth consistency of these vadas. The vadas have to be soaked well,but at the…

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Rasam is a light gravy with or without dal served with rice for main course.I prepare rasam daily at home and it would be either Tomato or Dal Rasam varieties.I have been hooked to this Orange Rasam ever since I saw the recipe on a T.V. show and was determined to do it until a load full of oranges came from my husband’s friend who owns a farm.I made some recipes using these oranges which turned super delicious.This rasam variety is not only tempting but appetizing as well.When you have guests over, you can even serve it as an appetizer…

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