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Shahi means Royal and Tukda is piece in Hindi.So literally translated it means a royal piece.Shahi Tukta is similar to Double Ka Meetha and is a super delicious and easy recipe.This mouth watering deep fried bread in ghee topped with rabri s a delight to anyone who lays hands on it.I found a difficult though in taking pistures as it was late evening and the light was dim.Otherwise this was an easy and satisfactory dessert to make.The rabri making is the only job here,rest of the work takes only a few minutes.The rabri should be of the custard type consistency…

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Masala Milk is a delicious concoction of milk and spices with lots of nuts and sugar.I tried this milk at the temple city of Kumbakonam in a restaurant.Though I have made this several times at home,I am blogging about this now only.This is one traditional milk drink made in all households which is full of nutrients and calcium.My daughter who is fussy in drinking milk at times loved this and I was truly satisfied.While growing up mom used to give pepper and turmeric milk whenever I caught cold and flu.This has an added advantage of nuts and spices which when…

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Lunchbox Ideas, Pulao, Rice Variety


Everyone is fond of Pulao and today I made Kashmiri Pulao with Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Rice.Kohinoor brand is known in India and across the globe for their traditional and pure rice.The rice has a signature sweet flavour and heavenly aroma which is beyond comparison.The quality standards are also matchless and as a food blogger,it was a pleasant experience for me to cook with these products. “Bas” means aroma and “mati” means full of in hindi. The grains are slender and flavorful. This traditional and authentic variety of Basmati Rice is naturally aged for 24 months and matured to perfection for…

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Lassi, Summer Coolers


I am fond of Lassi very much and often prepare it at home rather than buying from the store. As all at home like lassi it is the a normal phenomenon to end our meal and finish it off with this drink.But I have never attempted to make sweet lassi. Ravi and Dhivya prefer the salt version and chaas varieties.On my recent visit to Delhi I had tadka chaas.It was a rich chaas full of tempered spices.I also tasted Sweet Lassi from Punjab Sweet Stall.It was totally out of the world, was light and not heavy and served chilled.A refreshing…

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Payasam/Kheer Recipes


We all have heard of Badam Kheer,but this is a slight variation with channa dal and almonds. This protein filled dessert was an innovative recipe tried by me long back,but was lying in the draft for long.Suddenly I remembered this as I was scrollimg down the pictures today for today’s post.The recipe is really easy to make and can be made in no time. I have used channa dal here but can be made with moong dal or a combo of moong and channa dal. This can be a great option for any occasion,or get togethers.I made it during festival…

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Drinks, Easy


Badam Kheer is a nutty flavourful milk based kheer with the goodness of almonds.It is a very easy and rich dessert with minimal ingredients and which requires a little time to brighten your celebrations.I made this last month during my MIL’s birthday and it was a hit.She was happy and thoroughly enjoyed it to the core.It has been a long time that I posted some sweet recipe and here comes this which can be a beautiful oppurtunity to surprise your loves ones.Though you don’t need an excuse to make this,surely it will be a highlight if you could make this…

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Diwali Sweets, Indian Festival Recipes, Sweets


Doodh Peda is a easy to make diwali sweet I very less time.We all must have had these cute pedas packed in boxes during diwali time.It comes in many flavours like kesar pista,chocolate etc. to ame a few.I have always liked it’s chewy and melt in the mouth texture and milky taste.Doodh Peda has an overpowering flavour of the milk and cardamom.I have used milk powder and milkmaid both in this recipe which adds to the creamy texture of the sweet.The original recipe however requires to condense the milk at home,however I have this version of making it instatly.See down…

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Diwali Sweets, Indian Festival Recipes, Indian Sweets


Badam Halwa is always a favourite dessert at home,not only because of it’s richness but tastes great and melts into the mouth.Generally in sweet shops it is sold in paper packet.I thought of posting long back,but since it is Diwali time,I realised now is the correct time to post.The ingredients used are minimal and taste is guaranteed to be great.In a recent wedding I attented they served Badam Halwa with ice cream and that was an awesome combination.You can have it just like that and it was a great hit at home and all loved it to the core.Badam Halwa…

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Gokulashtami Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Iyengar Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Traditional Recipes


Akkaravadisal is a typical iyengar dessert made and offered to GOD during festivities.It can be sugar or jaggery based but made with rice.In iyengar style it is made with jaggery and is famous neivedhyam in VISHNU temples.It uses milk and lots of ghee,which gives the extraordinary creamy and melt in the mouth texture and is truly divine to taste.I know of a sugar based version of this recipe too,which I intend to post later.You can try for the forthcoming Janmashtami,this recipe which if followed with proper steps is an easy recipe to make.Try out this yummilicious recipe this festive season…

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Ice Creams, Mango Recipes


Kulfi is liked by all at home.It is badam pista that I always make,but when Ravi’s friend who has farm dispatched a big box of mangoes last month,I was wondering what to do with the raining mangoes.I tried mango lassi,mango milk shake and mango tea.But kulfi was long due.So I made it sometime back a

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