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I was super excited to make this matka kulfi and that too with the ingredient Chia Seeds sent by goorganicindia for the Belly Nirvana programme by Plattershare.Chia seeds are often recommended by nutritionists just because of their super health benefits.They contain dietary fibre,protein,omega-3 fatty acids,calcium,copper and zinc.It aids digestion and promotes heart health.It also helps in diabetics and boosts your energy and metabolism.Keeping this mind goorganicindia produces all products with organic manure and is really upto the mark as well.I like fresh green colour and pistas too.Keeping this in mind I have made this delicious recipe. Pistas were lying in…

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Beetroot Halwa is a delicious dessert made with fresh beetroot which is full of colour and health.I recently posted one halwa with ashgourd and this beetroot halwa is one such sweet which will be loved by one and all.This doesn’t require any expertise or practice,just the correct addition of ingredients does the trick.It is an easy delicacy for beginners to make with confidence.My daughter is fond of beetroots and I always include in her diet a variety of dishes with this wonder vegetable.It was a liked by her and she was in awe of the dish as it was creamy…

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Sometime back I went to a friend’s house and she had made this carrot kheer.It was totally out of the world in taste and I decided there itself that I would make and post it in my blog.I made it but somehow,this was lying in my draft for long and since the festivites are round the corner this payasam or kheer can be made as a change.It needs very less ingredients and less time to make too.Dhivya like it very much and iam afraid all the kids in your house will love for sure.Carrot itself is sweet and adding sugar…

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Diwali Sweets, Indian Festival Recipes, Sweets, Traditional Recipes


Badusha is a very sweet recipe made during Diwali or in weddings.Though it appears a difficult task to make these sugar syrup soaked dumplings,when properly made with correct measurements becomes easy work.I was also in a dilemma,but was too tempted to try that i finally gave it a shot.I had seen my MIL making these and was not sure whether it would turn out soft and good.I also saw a few friends blogs and found a recipe which goes like this.. Notes

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