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Ellu sadam or til rice as you might is prepared in the tamil month of puratasi as an offering for LORD MAHAVISHNU.Also for LORD SHANEESHWARA, it is offerered as a neivedhyam on saturdays.It can also be made for a filling lunch box too.Til or sesame seeds are available in black and white colours.You can use either of these.We can make the ellu podi and store in too .Just roasting the ingredients is the work here,this is one simplest and ready to make rice mixes. Notes

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Dry Curry, Rice Accompaniments


This beetroot curry has been lying in my draft for quite a while now and thought of posting it only today.Beetroots as we all aware are kids favourite and also has numerous health benefits.It is known to control blood pressure and helps to fight heart diseases.Loaded with nutrients like pottasium,magnesium and iron this is really one wonder veggie.This recipe i made here is a simple dry curry or stir fry and can enjoyed with rice as as well as rotis too.So here goes the simple recipe of beetroot stir fry. Notes

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Curry with Coconut, No Onion No Garlic, Rice Accompaniments


This red cabbage corn curry is a rare thing at home since hubby dosn’t have a liking for red cabbage.But for daughter’s sake i made this curry coupled with corn which is not only nutritious but easy to make as well.I have made it with coconut so you can have it with rice and any south indian gravy.I have tasted this in amarriage and was not certain how it would taste,but when i saw Dhivya enjoying it changrd my mind and made it for her last week.It was tasting so good and i think i’ll be making this often now.See…

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Dry Curry, Rice Accompaniments, Traditional Recipes


Paruppu usili is a traditional tamil brahmin curry variety had with rice and gravy.Lentils are soaked, ground and steamed then crumbled and mixed with boiled veggie in this casa clucter bean or kotthavarangai in tamil.Usually this is a great combo with Mor kuzhambu but tastes as much good with vatha kuzhambu as well.You can try the same recipe with french beans as well.Follow this proceedure and enjoy a traditional meal with your loved ones. Notes

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Kuzhambu Varieties, Rice Accompaniments, Traditional Recipes


Unlike the usual varieties of tamarind based gravies or kuzhambu this pepper kuzhambu is not only spicy but combats with cold and body pain as well.Yes,it has many health benefits and i would love to have during rainy season and this gravy naturally gives heat to the body.It helps in digestion and is full of flavour and when had with hot rice and sesame oil drizzled over,simply tastes divine.You can make this in ajiffy and can serve as a main course for a lazy sunday afternoon.I personally like to have it with any raita,suits very well,try this and you’ll like…

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Easy, Kootu


We all like to have simple yet healthy and filling menu sometimes and from the elaborate preparations stick to a wholesome quick food.This cabbage kootu aptly fits the category and and i prefer it on lazy afternoons with hot rasam.Kootu is a stew made out of many vegetables such as chayote or chow chow,pumpkin,snake gourd to name a few.Each one can be made differently and the choice is yours.It is less time consuming to prepare,tasty and flafourful too.Cabbage is otherwise very bland having no taste of it’s own,but considering the fact it is healthy i have added a few spices…

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Accompaniment for Idly/Dosa, Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Homemade, Thogayal/Podi


Idli molaga podi is one of the basic powders in every south indian households and assumes a distinct place in all pantries.When i posted the recipe of idli batter i thought of posting this as well as idlis and molaga podi are good combination and even when there are chutneys,sambhars or any accompaniment,this molaga podi forms a great side dish with idlis and dosas.I can be sure when i have this molaga podi in hand then my idlis awil be eaten without fuss.When travelling too this forms a good sidedish with idlis and smeared with sesame oil this is simply…

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Snacks, Sundal Recipes


Navaratri is approaching and i thought of posting a few sundal recipes mandatorily made for the occasion.All festivals are joyous and many delicacies are prepared but navaratri celebrations last for nine days and each day a different Neivedhyam is offered to God.We also keep golu in our house and invite guests over and give manjal kumkum to the visiting girls and ladies as a kind of ritual.The steps for the golu can be kept in 3,5,7 or 9 no.s depending on the availability of dolls.My post today is Kadala parrupu sundal/Channa dal sundal which is easy to prepare and healthy…

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Curry with Coconut, Dairy Free, Easy, Ovo Vegetarian, Rice Accompaniments, Vegan, Vegetarian


This is a simple dry curry normally prepared in all house holds as an accompaniment to rice and sambhar and rasam.Some dry curries taste best with tamarind based gravies some with curd baesed gravies.I will soon post a seperate list of which tastes best with which.Unlike other recipes with ash gourd this one does not need curd.Seeing the health benefits of ash gourd i make any one variety of any ash gourd dish at least once a week.It has carbohydrate,protein and fibre and is very moist has high water content.Due to it’s diuretic properties patients have said to have…

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