Fruit Custard is an easy and tasty dessert which can be made in minutes. Whenever I buy lots of fruits at home, I make it a point to make and I always end up in making extra and keep it…

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Kuzhambu Varieties, Traditional Recipes


After Navarathri festivities I am sure all of you will be needing a simple yet tasty lunch options.I made this Mango Drumstick Sambhar today and it was as tasty as ever.I wanted to make plain Mango Sambhar but ended up with adding drumstick as well.Raw Mango Sambhar adds the rice to a new taste and imparts a special flavour.As you might know here you should keep the tamarind extract a bit less as we are adding mango which will make the sambhar sour.The mango when cooked tends to get softer and tastier.You can add brinjal or capsicum also in place…

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 I can drink smoothies any time of the day without guilt.Mostly it would be at evening time,but I have it for breakfast too.This time I made a few recipes with pineapple and was having a bit lying on the fridge.So I made a combo of the fruits and made this yummy delight.The strong flavour of pineapple was dominant here,though mango and banana played their parts.It is a healthy habit to munch on fruit bits as a snack rather on oily snacks.The mango and banana flavours were tantalizing too.Hope many of you will try to put on a healthy habit following my words.

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Mango Recipes, Milkshakes


Mango Mastani is a dessert drink originated in Pune .It is a thick milkshake with ice cream and nuts.I had it once in a juice bar here in Bangalore and was hooked by the taste.I decided there itself that I should make this and post this on my blog.The epic says that the drink got it’s name from the Peshwa Baji Rao’s wife who is said to be a brave and beautiful woman.The delicious concoction of mangoes,ice cream and dry fruits makes it delicious.You could find this at almost any eatery,but making it at home was a tasty affair.As it…

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Jhal Muri is a delicious crunchy street food snack of flavoured with mustard oil and famous to the Kolkatta region.The street vendors lined up on the corners will make it with professional ease and the taste is simply out of the world.Specially during monsoon season,this will be selling as hot cakes.I am always fond of chaats and found just an excuse of the rains and had it to my fulfilment.I learnt from my friend who is a Bengali, there is a masala called Moodi Masala which is specifically made for the purpose.I didn’t have Moodi Masala but had all the…

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Drinks, Mango Recipes, Summer Coolers


The summer is at it’s peak and the mangoes are in season.That has driven me to try this long pending to try on my list Aam Panna. Last week when i went to the market i purchased a few raw mangoes.We make pickles of various types with mangoes and eat the long cut pieces.Also there are a variety of gravies and of course as we all know,we make juices and shakes too. This is a North Indian cooler drink made with raw mangoes and is very popular there owing to it’s availability of varieties and numbers.I learnt that raw mangoes…

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Indian Festival Recipes, Navarathri Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Snacks, Sundal Recipes


Sundal are made with various legumes and dals and each one is best enjoyes during Navarathri celebrations,which we all know is just round the corner.I have a few sundal recipes and am planning to do some this week too.This sundal is loved by all as it is a bit spicy and tangy with the addition of grated mangoes and adds colour of carrots.This is also called thengai mangai pattani sundal.You can make this for neveidhyam or can have as an after school snack on normal days.It is fully loaded with proteins an dquite filling too.Do try this for Navarathri and…

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Lunchbox Ideas, Mango Recipes, Rice Variety


Mango Rice is one easy and tangy rice variety which can be made in no matter of time.I tasted this at a friend’s place and was too tempted to make this for lunch box to my daughter.She likes mango but was not sure how she would like to have this as a rice variety.It has groundnuts and chilles which add to the flavour and mingles with rice well.It tastes awesome even long after it is made and so it fits the category of preparing for lunch box.Mango Rice is a tasty rice and here goes the recipe for same..

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Mango Recipes, Raita/Pachadi


When it comes to mangoes it is always welcomed at home.Be it the fruit or raw,it is enjoyed in all forms.This traditional pachadi is so tangy and sweet that you wouldn’t stop eating at a few mouthfulls.Traditionally made during festivities it liked by one and all.It requires very less ingredients an

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Mango Recipes, Pickles


Avakkai is a type of andhra pickle though it is prepared in other states of south india as well.The speciality of this pickle is the mangoes which have huge yet tender deeds in it and cut in some what big pieces.The taste is also very hot compared to other pickles.As iam a pickle person,I made this

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