Diwali Snacks, Snacks


  I am fond of chivda and South Indian Mixtures. But then, who isn’t? But in that process we all end p in deep frying and or calorie intakes are also considerably increased. But this wonder recipe with very less…

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Starters, Vada


Pottukadalai or roasted gram is a common item in all households largely used an ingredient in various chutneys.It is also known as chutney dal or fried gram.It has high protein content and is quite filling too.It is low in calorie content and is rich in iron.It can relieve stomach upsets and augment stamina.I was asked recently by a magazine to contribute for recipes using various dals and i choose to make this variety of vada.The good part of this recipe is it doesn’t need any soaking and it is instantaneous too.I learnt this from a website and while scrolling for…

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Side Dish for Roti


When I heard for the first time,Palak Channa I was intrigued and thought how it might taste. I have made Chaana Masala with tomato onion gravy but this sounded unique.Since it had palak leaves which is a good source of iron and with the combination of channa it turns super creamy as well. Palak,I also learnt controls your blood sugar level and help relieve constipation.It improves your brain function and helps in eye sight. Spinach or Palak leaves gives you whiter teeth and helps prevent cancer.This recipe is adapted from a magazine i bought while travelling and found it quite…

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Dry Curry, Side Dish for Roti


It has been a long time I posted anything for side dish for roti.So last sunday for dinner I made for chapathis this excellent and spicy side dish .I have made a colacassia recipe in my blog but that is a south indian curry.I have never before tried colacassia as a side dish for roti but seeing Nisha Mdhulika’s blog I came up with this aromatic and spicy version which my daughter enjoyed a lot.I have heard and seen also that some people make make achari masala at home.People in North India add nigella or onion seeds for most of…

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The savory version of kozhakattai is made with urad dal and is called ulundu kozhakattai.I like this more than the modakam,I often reserve some dough more whenever I make kozhakattais.The taste of ground urad dal steamed and sauteed acts as the filling and tastes simply awesome.Kozhakattai making is time consuming and hard work,but once you make them,the results are truly rewarding.I wanted to post this for long and as the festivities of Ganesha Chaurthi and Varalakshmi Pooja nearing I couldn’t think of posting anything.So over to the recipe.. Notes

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