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I am making use of millets these days in my recipes not only to add them to the blog but also to add a healthy touch to the diet in our day to day food.As today is NAVATATHRI’s first day thought of sharing with you all this easy and tasty jaggery based sweet recipe which can be offered to GODDESS for the celebrations.I have Arisi Vella Puttu already in my blog,but this one I made with my own innovation.The process is simple and the ingredients even simpler. Puttu is usually made on Fridays during Navarathri celebrations.You can try this for…

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Vada Pav is a street food which is deep fried potato patty with spices and chutneys and native to Mumbai.Though I have had this addictive snack many times,I am making it for the first time at home.This is a step wise process involving preparing chutneys,making potato patties and assembling them on the pav bun. Pav is a variant of Pao which means sweetened bread in Portugese. The Vada Pav is an innovative recipe made by a Marathi and the rest is history.Many restuarants sell these cute vada pavs and some have additional toppings as well.I am also fond of Pav…

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Indian Festival Recipes, Salads


Kosumalli or Kosambari is a south indian salad made with soaked mung dal and vegetables like cucumber,carrot etc.Usually this is made during Rama Navami,marriages and some festivals.I make this once a week since all at home are fond of salads and is a favorite to Ravi.It was during last week’s weekend menu I hade made this and as promised writing this post now.As cucumbers and carrots are available all round the year and are easily available this is a simple recipe which can be mae in a jiffy and you can be rest assured that it is nutritious too. You…

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Kuzhambu Varieties, Traditional Recipes


Eriserry is a Kerala based gravy for rice made in a coconut gravy and topped with roasted coconut.It is full of flavour and aroma and is a great accompaniment to rice.Usually it is made with pumpkin,yam or plaintain this recipe is a signature dish among Keralites.It is seasoned with black pepper and tempered with red chillies.The Onam Sadya or the rich meal prepared on the Onam has this Eriserry on the menu.Yam is rich in carbohydrates and fibre.Banana is equally good and lends a peculiar taste to the dish. Traditionally cow peas or pigeon peas are soaked cooked and added,but…

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Curry with Coconut, Indian Festival Recipes


Vazhaikai is Plaintain or Raw Banana in Tamil.Raw banana occupies a distinct place in the cooking of South Indian households.Normally anything with raw banana is made on certain fasting days,festivals and ceremonies.Also it is made without the addition of onion and garlic,which makes it apt to eat during these days.As today being the Aadi masa porappu,i.e. the first day of the Tamil month of aadi,I made today,Vazhaikai Podimas. It is a very easy recipe involving minimal ingredients and a typical Tambrahm Menu was made.I will post the full Thali tommorow as part of the Lunch Menu Plan I am planning…

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Jhal Muri is a delicious crunchy street food snack of flavoured with mustard oil and famous to the Kolkatta region.The street vendors lined up on the corners will make it with professional ease and the taste is simply out of the world.Specially during monsoon season,this will be selling as hot cakes.I am always fond of chaats and found just an excuse of the rains and had it to my fulfilment.I learnt from my friend who is a Bengali, there is a masala called Moodi Masala which is specifically made for the purpose.I didn’t have Moodi Masala but had all the…

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Karnataka Recipes, Rasam


Udipi is a small town in Karnataka,which has a unique and tasty cuisine famous all over the world.The people of the region use a saatvik way of preparing food and onions and garlic are devoid of usage.I tasted this rasam once in the Udipi Sri Krishna temple and was mesmerized by its awesome flavour.In Karnataka rasam is called saaru and is one of the important part of the menu.They make with freshly homemade pudi which is nothing but powder with which this rasam is made.Besides the various rasam varieties,I relish on this rasam very much.I am sure once you prepare…

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Starters, Vada


Pottukadalai or roasted gram is a common item in all households largely used an ingredient in various chutneys.It is also known as chutney dal or fried gram.It has high protein content and is quite filling too.It is low in calorie content and is rich in iron.It can relieve stomach upsets and augment stamina.I was asked recently by a magazine to contribute for recipes using various dals and i choose to make this variety of vada.The good part of this recipe is it doesn’t need any soaking and it is instantaneous too.I learnt this from a website and while scrolling for…

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Diwali Sweets, Sweets, Vinayakar Chaturthi/Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes


 I never had a sweet tooth, but have always awed at my mom who used to make sweets and savories with much ease.In my growing years in New Delhi,when kitchen was almost unknown to me,every now and then a new delicacy would pop up and surprise us.This is one such traditional recipe which my mother made and that too in no time.I have also seen my grandma who used to sit painstakingly near the stove to make these deep fried dumplings. As I had this post long pending in my draft,i thought of posting this today.Children nowadays have a liking of desserts like doughnuts,cakes and pastries,but have you ever thought that in our Indian Cuisine there are innumerable desserts that you might have not even heard of.This Karjikai is a sweet made with maida dough which is rolled as a chapati and filled with sweet filling of coconut,roasted gram and sugar.As you can see it is in the shape of semi circle.Besides making this sweet for Diwali,people also make this for Ganesh Chaturthi.But you can make this at any time of the year to treat your loved ones,right?Over to this sweet recipe of Karjikai.

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Kuzhambu Varieties, Rice Accompaniments


Onion Sambhar is a classic and flavourful gravy made with shallots or onions as you might call them and freshly ground spices.It would always be on the to do list when guests pop over in the south indian lunch menu.Though all sambhar varieties require a tamarind base and the main ingredient being sambhar powder, each recipe has a peculiar taste and aroma of its own.This sambhar is usually thick from the ones we make to serve as a side dish for idlis and dosas.Onions used here is a variety called sambhar onion or madras onion,It has other names too such…

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