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Everyone is fond of Pulao and today I made Kashmiri Pulao with Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Rice.Kohinoor brand is known in India and across the globe for their traditional and pure rice.The rice has a signature sweet flavour and heavenly aroma which is beyond comparison.The quality standards are also matchless and as a food blogger,it was a pleasant experience for me to cook with these products. “Bas” means aroma and “mati” means full of in hindi. The grains are slender and flavorful. This traditional and authentic variety of Basmati Rice is naturally aged for 24 months and matured to perfection for…

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It was my long time wish to try something from south east asian country such as Thailand,mainly because they always include a lot of aromatic herbs and leaves in their cuisine.As we can see there are many similarities in the cuisine of our neighbouring countries and ours.I liked one recipe of a simple thai curry and for that you need to make a green paste.I later learnt that with this green paste you can not only make a curry but a variety of dishes as well.So I thought of posting a separate recipe for my blog of this delicious, aromatic…

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When I first heard the name Sulaiman Tea I wondered why and how it got it’s name.It was introduced to me by by hubby who loves green lemon tea a lot.He had it somewhere out this stuff and was praises for it.I was too tempted to try it out,so googled for the recipe and found this one.I was too happy

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Potato Recipes


Alu Palak is a tasty North Indian curry with pureed spinach mixed with boiled potatoes.When i first tasted alu palak at a restuarant,i knew i had to try this at home.It was tasty with minimal masalas and totally out of the world.Since my daughter likes palak i thought of making this for her to go with chappatis for lunch.We all know about the benefits of spinnach aka palak don’t we?The making of the gravy is the only work here,once done mix with boiled potatoes and you are done.The great thing is it tastes just good with pulaos as well.Here is…

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