It is very comforting to have any kind of soup at any time of the day. When you are hungry a good soup can be very filling. Loaded with vegetables it can be had by people of all ages. I…

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Dinner recipes, Snacks


Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular street foods of Mumbai. Pav means bread and bhaji is vegetables.The vegetables are cooked ,mashed and blended  with aromatic spices  and served with shallow fried  buttered buns.This is a party food as…

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Kids Recipes, Pasta, Soups


When you want to eat to your heart’s content,try this Hearty Pasta Soup.Loaded with veggies,this nutritious soup with pasta is a meal in itself.Specially for working women,who come home and find it tiring to make a meal,this recipe will come to the rescue.I came up with this recipe while surfing one day,and made it for dinner some time back.Needless to say Dhivya enjoyed,even Ravi had it without fuss.I have been thinking of posting soup recipes lately and have come up with 2 or more soups with pasta.I also write reviews for Savorit Limited from where I got this spiral variety…

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Indian Festival Recipes, Salads


Kosumalli or Kosambari is a south indian salad made with soaked mung dal and vegetables like cucumber,carrot etc.Usually this is made during Rama Navami,marriages and some festivals.I make this once a week since all at home are fond of salads and is a favorite to Ravi.It was during last week’s weekend menu I hade made this and as promised writing this post now.As cucumbers and carrots are available all round the year and are easily available this is a simple recipe which can be mae in a jiffy and you can be rest assured that it is nutritious too. You…

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Breakfast Recipes, Idli Varieties


We all know of oats as a breakfast which has innumerable health benefits.Normally at my home porridge is made with it and is not touched by my daughter.As I was thinking a good way to make her eat this wonder cereal,the idea of making idlis came to my mind.It would be a great breakfast or dinner option also.Oats,I came to know has a very good source of fibre and are rich in minerals,fibres and anti oxidants.They also lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol.It also has some starch and carbohydrates.It is filling,yet light on the tummy.As I set out to make…

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