Diwali Sweets, Sweets


Dharwad Peda is a sweet unique to the town of Dharwad in Karnataka state. It was originally started by the Thakur family who had migrated from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh and stared business here. Line Bazar Peda is one of…

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Diwali Sweets


This is basically a recipe made out of gulab jamun mix and not out of gulab jamun. I was quite tempted to try out this exciting recipe as I had never heard of such a sweet before.But it is Diwali…

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Side Dish for Roti


Aamras is a popular dessert in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. In the summers when mangoes are available in plenty, this recipe is enjoyed best in most households of the region. I have a Maharashtrian friend who gave this…

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