When you think of any comforting bevarage then you can’t miss this Ginger Cardamom Tea. Growing up in a Tamil household in New Delhi though it would be filter Kappi by Amma in the mornings, I also developed a liking…

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  As this year comes to a close I wish each one of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.I am here today with a delicious dessert with an easy preparation method apt to fit any celebrating menu list.I have tasted…

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Banana Sheera is a tasty dessert made from semolina,sugar,milk and banana.South Indians call it Kesari whereas in North it is called suji ka halwa. Normally I make kesari for various occasions for offering it to GOD.I have also seen here in Bangalore people making it for Satya Narayana Pooja. Whatever may be the occasion,it is a tasty desert that can be made in no time.One of my friends said she used to feed her infant with this Banana Sheera and as it is quite easy to swallow and soft.Here in Karnataka this is called Kesari Bath and is usually served…

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Samai or Little Millet is a long forgotten Millet variety which was in use since old times.Nowadays due to the growing importance of health benefits of these grains.I have made a few varieties of recipes using millets and since this is Navatri season,thought of posting this simple recipe of payasam or kheer.I have made it with jaggery but you can replace it with sugar too.Similarly palm sugar can also be substituted for jaggery.Samai is good for diabetics and has low glycemic index. Samai has fibre content and helps in digestion too.The payasam turned super delicious and we all enjoyed the…

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Indian Festival Recipes, Millet Recipes, Navarathri Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Sweets, Traditional Recipes


I am making use of millets these days in my recipes not only to add them to the blog but also to add a healthy touch to the diet in our day to day food.As today is NAVATATHRI’s first day thought of sharing with you all this easy and tasty jaggery based sweet recipe which can be offered to GODDESS for the celebrations.I have Arisi Vella Puttu already in my blog,but this one I made with my own innovation.The process is simple and the ingredients even simpler. Puttu is usually made on Fridays during Navarathri celebrations.You can try this for…

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Ice Creams


I was super excited to make this matka kulfi and that too with the ingredient Chia Seeds sent by goorganicindia for the Belly Nirvana programme by Plattershare.Chia seeds are often recommended by nutritionists just because of their super health benefits.They contain dietary fibre,protein,omega-3 fatty acids,calcium,copper and zinc.It aids digestion and promotes heart health.It also helps in diabetics and boosts your energy and metabolism.Keeping this mind goorganicindia produces all products with organic manure and is really upto the mark as well.I like fresh green colour and pistas too.Keeping this in mind I have made this delicious recipe. Pistas were lying in…

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I received a package recently from goindiaorganic which contained organic coconut sugar.It is one healthy version of sugar which contains low glycemic index,unrefined,raw,high nutrient and vegan and is suitable for sugar patients as well.I wanted to make a healthy version of Aata Ladoo so set out to make these from organic coconut sugar.It is an easy replacement to cane sugar.You can use them as your regular sugar in all the recipes you make.It will be tasty and above all guilt free.It contains organic granulated coconut and flower blossom nectar.You can just notice the colour of slight brown in the ladoos,but…

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Masala Milk is a delicious concoction of milk and spices with lots of nuts and sugar.I tried this milk at the temple city of Kumbakonam in a restaurant.Though I have made this several times at home,I am blogging about this now only.This is one traditional milk drink made in all households which is full of nutrients and calcium.My daughter who is fussy in drinking milk at times loved this and I was truly satisfied.While growing up mom used to give pepper and turmeric milk whenever I caught cold and flu.This has an added advantage of nuts and spices which when…

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 I am here today with Achari Biryani which has a spicy twist with added pickle flavoring. I have heard about Achari Pulao, but I wanted to try Biryani today and that too with Kohinoor Extra Long Basmati Rice which is grown and natured with the river water of Himalayas, is naturally aged for 24 months to impart the fluffy grains, the extra length & the characteristic basmati aroma. The recipe is actually flavored with pickle along with spices and masalas. So you can imagine how fiery and spicy the outcome would be. I have used mango pickle extract, but you can use any variety. The aromatic rice when cooked and mixed with pickle gives a unique flavor to the biryani.

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Biryani is one of the recipes which I make at leisure or when there is any specific occasion. I always keep the spices minimal as we all like a light flavored. Today I have made this Biryani using Kohinoor Extra-Long basmati rice. This exceptionally long basmati rice is grown in the river water of the Himalayas, gets fluffy & well separated and maintains the seal of quality, flavor and aroma. My kitchen was full of aroma early in the morning today as I made this. I had tasted this once in my friend’s place and asked her about the recipe….

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I am fond of Lassi very much and often prepare it at home rather than buying from the store. As all at home like lassi it is the a normal phenomenon to end our meal and finish it off with this drink.But I have never attempted to make sweet lassi. Ravi and Dhivya prefer the salt version and chaas varieties.On my recent visit to Delhi I had tadka chaas.It was a rich chaas full of tempered spices.I also tasted Sweet Lassi from Punjab Sweet Stall.It was totally out of the world, was light and not heavy and served chilled.A refreshing…

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