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Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular street foods of Mumbai. Pav means bread and bhaji is vegetables.The vegetables are cooked ,mashed and blended  with aromatic spices  and served with shallow fried  buttered buns.This is a party food as…

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When you want to eat to your heart’s content,try this Hearty Pasta Soup.Loaded with veggies,this nutritious soup with pasta is a meal in itself.Specially for working women,who come home and find it tiring to make a meal,this recipe will come to the rescue.I came up with this recipe while surfing one day,and made it for dinner some time back.Needless to say Dhivya enjoyed,even Ravi had it without fuss.I have been thinking of posting soup recipes lately and have come up with 2 or more soups with pasta.I also write reviews for Savorit Limited from where I got this spiral variety…

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 I am here today with Achari Biryani which has a spicy twist with added pickle flavoring. I have heard about Achari Pulao, but I wanted to try Biryani today and that too with Kohinoor Extra Long Basmati Rice which is grown and natured with the river water of Himalayas, is naturally aged for 24 months to impart the fluffy grains, the extra length & the characteristic basmati aroma. The recipe is actually flavored with pickle along with spices and masalas. So you can imagine how fiery and spicy the outcome would be. I have used mango pickle extract, but you can use any variety. The aromatic rice when cooked and mixed with pickle gives a unique flavor to the biryani.

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Chinese style veg fried rice is a favorite at my home. I pack this for lunch to my husband and my daughter and they love it so much that it doesn’t even matter if the food is cold. My daughter would order this or veg hakka noodles every time we visit hotels. It is a rage among kids of this generation of having chinese food at restaurants and I have made a small gesture of making it healthy as well by adding lot of fresh veggies.But then hotels might add Ajinomoto or Chinese salt which I do not use, as…

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I have been cooking varieties of Pulao’s lately. My Daughter’s college has re-opened and it’s a tricky discussion at times what to prepare for lunch box. So, as I was scrolling the other day, what to do for my day’s menu, I stumbled upon a satvic recipe which is free of onions and garlic too and yet highly attractive to the eyes. So I set to cook this tasty pulao dish using my favorite rice brand Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Rice. As a matter of fact, this was very easy and highly tasty too. Because Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Rice is a…

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Tawa Pulao is a famous street food of Mumbai. I have always heard that it is a very easy dish to make. I had Kohinoor Super Silver Basmati Rice in my pantry which I have been tempting to try out, and Tawa Pulao gave me a perfect excuse to use it. Kohinoor Super Basmati rice is a 100% pure & original Pusa basmati variety which gives whitish slender rice with a buttery flavour and subtle aroma, thus making this the perfect rice for the special dish. This pulao is loaded with veggies and is a healthy option to for quick…

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Side Dish for Roti


Veg Kadai Masala is a flavourful side dish for rotis or parathas and tastes equally good for pulaos as well.It has been a while that i wrote reviews for Eastern Spices and it was the last one pending in their list that i got.Yesterday on the occasion of woman’s day i got an invite from Eastern Spices to attend an award function for inspirational woman organised by them.I got to meet many people and could hear so many inspirational stories.That reminded me i have write one more of the product review.So here comes the Veg Kadai Masala which was an…

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Lemon Coriander Soup is a most wanted recipe to post on my blog.And when recently when i happened to taste this on my friend’s house,i knew this is time is the time for me to try out this at home.Ravi always likes to have something hot just before weekend brunch,so this time i didn’t want to miss the oppurtunity to try out.Lemon coriander soup is a light and clear soup and with the aromatic mixture of lemon and fresh earthy flavour of coriander leaves,it gets even better.As you can see it is easy and heart warming recipe.I decided i will…

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One of the common features at home is what to make for dinner?In my house each one has a different taste and it is sometimes difficult for me to make ad satisfy all.Some of the times i make a variation and add or omit certain things and adjust as per their liking.Dosa is one such recipe.It is loved by all,But to serve the same way each time is boring ad monotonous.To break that i make various stuffing in dosa ad this one was made when my daughter wanted a fusion dinner.Making dosa the same way but with a chinese stuffing.I…

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All kids are fond of this hakka noodles and my daughter always orders this whenever we eat out.I do make this at home many a times for her and add a lot of veggies to add to the taste.Hakka noodles posses a tasty following and so it has many likings.The smoky taste and aroma it gives is liked by many.We can reproduce the same taste at home with minimal efforts and can be made easily and quickly too.You could have this for snack,dinner or as a lunch box option.Be sure to include a lo of vegetables as kids tend to…

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