Diwali Snacks, Snacks


It is festive time and I am afraid most households will be busy preparing their family’s favourite sweets and snacks. Though I make various varieties of snacks, it is sweets that is most liked by my husband. He is very…

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  As this year comes to a close I wish each one of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.I am here today with a delicious dessert with an easy preparation method apt to fit any celebrating menu list.I have tasted…

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Masala Milk is a delicious concoction of milk and spices with lots of nuts and sugar.I tried this milk at the temple city of Kumbakonam in a restaurant.Though I have made this several times at home,I am blogging about this now only.This is one traditional milk drink made in all households which is full of nutrients and calcium.My daughter who is fussy in drinking milk at times loved this and I was truly satisfied.While growing up mom used to give pepper and turmeric milk whenever I caught cold and flu.This has an added advantage of nuts and spices which when…

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Lunchbox Ideas, Pulao, Rice Variety


Everyone is fond of Pulao and today I made Kashmiri Pulao with Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Rice.Kohinoor brand is known in India and across the globe for their traditional and pure rice.The rice has a signature sweet flavour and heavenly aroma which is beyond comparison.The quality standards are also matchless and as a food blogger,it was a pleasant experience for me to cook with these products. “Bas” means aroma and “mati” means full of in hindi. The grains are slender and flavorful. This traditional and authentic variety of Basmati Rice is naturally aged for 24 months and matured to perfection for…

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Mango Recipes, Milkshakes


Mango Mastani is a dessert drink originated in Pune .It is a thick milkshake with ice cream and nuts.I had it once in a juice bar here in Bangalore and was hooked by the taste.I decided there itself that I should make this and post this on my blog.The epic says that the drink got it’s name from the Peshwa Baji Rao’s wife who is said to be a brave and beautiful woman.The delicious concoction of mangoes,ice cream and dry fruits makes it delicious.You could find this at almost any eatery,but making it at home was a tasty affair.As it…

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