Ice Creams


I was super excited to make this matka kulfi and that too with the ingredient Chia Seeds sent by goorganicindia for the Belly Nirvana programme by Plattershare.Chia seeds are often recommended by nutritionists just because of their super health benefits.They contain dietary fibre,protein,omega-3 fatty acids,calcium,copper and zinc.It aids digestion and promotes heart health.It also helps in diabetics and boosts your energy and metabolism.Keeping this mind goorganicindia produces all products with organic manure and is really upto the mark as well.I like fresh green colour and pistas too.Keeping this in mind I have made this delicious recipe. Pistas were lying in…

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Ladoo Recipes, Sweets


I received a package recently from goindiaorganic which contained organic coconut sugar.It is one healthy version of sugar which contains low glycemic index,unrefined,raw,high nutrient and vegan and is suitable for sugar patients as well.I wanted to make a healthy version of Aata Ladoo so set out to make these from organic coconut sugar.It is an easy replacement to cane sugar.You can use them as your regular sugar in all the recipes you make.It will be tasty and above all guilt free.It contains organic granulated coconut and flower blossom nectar.You can just notice the colour of slight brown in the ladoos,but…

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Dry Curry, Easy, Potato Recipes, Side Dish for Roti


Have you a tried a simple cumin flavoured potato curry in less then 10 minutes?This is a versatile dish that goes with almost anything,easy to make and super tasty.Normally in busy mornings when I make phulkas for Dhivya for lunch box,I make this and she never complains as she is very much fond of this.This is a quick no onion no garlic recipe too,fit for those fasting days. Vrat recipes are not that hard and tasteless as you might think.You can also try by adding cumin powder also but since I wanted the nutty and crunchiness,I added only jeera.You can…

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Paneer, Side Dish for Roti


Paneer is a substantially protein food for vegetarians and is full of calcium and Viatamin D. It is a totally satisfying scene if you happen to see your child’s plate polished away in no time.My daughter likes paneer and I made this bhurji with it sometime back.It is very easy recipe and I followed it from an old cookbook of mine.With less time involved in the preparation one can easily pack this as a side for rotis for lunch and also for diinner as well.The paneer is crumbled and mixed with spices and onions with tomatoes.The resulting dish is an…

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Paneer, Snacks


Paneer is an all time favourite for my daughter.She loves paneer recipes the most and often end up ordering recipes out of paneer whenever we chance upon to eat out.As it is raining here in Bangalore I am into the mood of making some snacks and today it is Paneer Pakoda.In North they call as pakodas of what we South Indians term as Bhajji.I make Bhajjis with onion,potato,capsicum,brinjal and chillies too.This is a slight North Indian version of our normal bhajji with a little addition of chaat masala on top or with the batter for that extra taste. Normally whenever…

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Side Dish for Roti


I have never cooked mushroom till now,but when I saw my daughter eating a mushroom topped pizza with awe,I thought of making some mushroom based recipe for rotis for her.So I instead of buying ordered through Bigbasket. Bigbasket is an online comprehensive online grocery store based in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Mysore, Delhi-Gurgaon-Noida, Coimbatore, Madurai, Chennai, Vijayawada, Ahmedabad, Nasik, Lucknow, Vadodara, Nagpur, Vishakapattanam and Patna.So if you want to have groceries on the go with the tip of your fingers order your neccesary things online order from Bigbasket. I learnt that with over 180000 products and 1000 brands in the…

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Diwali Snacks, Snacks


All kinds of snacks are a welcome at home and quickly disappears too from the kitchen.On my recent trip to New Delhi my husband brought a pack of this from the famous Bikanerwala shop.They have a beautiful array of snacks and sweets,my favourite there being Idli Dhokla.So when he brought that and I tasted it I knew I would be preparing these when I return back.True,I did and here I am with the recipe.It is an easy combination of green gram and channa dal with sev,cashews and almonds topped with masalas.You can add poha too,but I have not added since…

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Diwali Snacks, Snacks


Besides the various courses of dishes I make,snacks occupy an important place as I keep on making something or the other.I have many snack recipes in my blog and this one is a long pending on the list which was due to be posted long time back.As we all know,moong dal is packed with proteins and low on carbohydrates. It is also called green gram dal or green mung.Long time use of this dal will have numerous health benefits.It helps in detoxification and benefits metabolism.Coming to this recipe though I have deep fried in this recipe you can use Microwave…

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Roti/Indian Flat Bread


Pudina Paratha is a spicy,crispy mint flavored Indian flat bread.Normally for dinners I make parathas or rotis but have never tried a mint flavored one.I usually make an alu,methi or gobi paratha.This one turned super flaky,crispy and delicious.You can add coriander leaves as well,but since I wanted the predominant taste of mint leaves,I added that only.Mint as we all know is a wonder herb.It aids digestion,acts as mouth freshner and cures allergies and common cold.This is a adapted from an old cookbook of mine which had an easy and quick method of preparing the recipe. You can make these parathas…

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Drinks, Summer Coolers


Lassi is an Indian yogurt drink with thick and creamy texture.It is best when served cold and you can play wildly your imagination with respect to flavourings that go with it.Lassis are good for health especially in hot months of summer.It is also called as Namkeen Kheera Lassi and is one of the refreshing and cooling drinks that i ever tasted.Cucumber of all sorts is available in plenty in the markets during summer and why don’t you make a good use of it besides using them for salads.So in a nutshell this is the most ideal bevarage or drink during…

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Diwali Sweets, Indian Festival Recipes, Sweets


Carrot Halwa or Gajar ka Halwa is also known as Gajrela is a sweet dessert pudding mainly associated with North of India.It is made during Diwali, Holi and family celebrations.Many people make it in different methods,either with pressure cooker,microwave or in an open pan which is slow cooked with grated carrots in milk and dry fruits.Almost everyone is addicted to this sweet delicacy and requires no reason to prepare and enjoy.I also made this just for the sake of blogging,but the enjoyment came along the way.As a blogger trying out new recipes and taking pictures is a weekly affair,if not…

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