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It was some time back that I made this Sabudana Chivda,during diwali to be precise.It is an easy to make snack which can be made in a jiffy when you have assembled the ingredients.Also during navarathri people fast and this can be had as a snack during that period as well.Whatever the occasion,this is a crunchy and tasty snack.I made this for the first time and wondered how this would taste as I have not tasted this before.But when I tasted this I instantly liked this not only because of easy preparation but also very crunchy.I adapted this recipe from…

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Indian Festival Recipes, Navarathri Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Payasam/Kheer Recipes, Traditional Recipes, Varalakshmi Pooja Recipes, Vinayakar Chaturthi/Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes, Vrat Recipes


Wheat rava payasam is made with the cream of rava which is slightly bigger than the normal size rava.It is called dhalia in hindi and normally porridge or kanji is made with it.We can also make upma and kesari with it though and it is very good for diabetics and healthy too. I am planning to post more recipes with this in the near future, but for the time being, I made this payasam during navarathri celebrations last week and was liked by all. A simple and no fuss recipe this requires a little more time to cook than the…

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Indian Festival Recipes, Navarathri Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Payasam/Kheer Recipes, Traditional Recipes, Vrat Recipes


Jawwarisi or sabudana pearls are mostly used during vrat or fasting days and sabudana vada and sabudana khichidi is chief among them.But we can also make a milk based dessert using these tiny pearls as I did for Navarathri Prasadam earlier last week.As we all know festive time is in full swing and all are busy with the various preparations of sweets and savouries and getting ready to celebrate the Goddess during this time.Sabudana Kheer is an easy one to make with the ingredients available at home.Do try this simple yet rich delicacy and let me know how it turned…

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Sabudana vada/Sago Vada or javvarisi vadai is one easy tea time snack.It is a Maharashtrian delicacy and I learnt it from a marathi friend who also taught me to make Misal Pav.This one is a deep fried snack taken during vrat days or fasting days.You can add chopped onions too if you want to make for parties or get togethers.Tastes equally good.Delicious and addictive snack ,this also has boiled and mashed potatoes and served with green chutney.These are so filling that,so they are taken during fasting days.You can make the batter in advance and store in the fridge too and…

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When holidays come me and my brother would be jumping with joy to visit my grandparents at Chennai. Each year along with my parents bro and i would start from New Delhi and spend 2 full months at grandparents place. All uncles and aunts would be there to pamper us and we got more than what we wanted.Those days!!!!This recipe i learnt from my grandma you used to make it during her fasting days.When i got married my MlL also used to make this and this became a regular feature in my house.My hubby likes the savory version and daughter…

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