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Carrot Halwa is a delicious dessert that can be made in a matter of minutes. It is the most favourite recipe of my daughter who relishes each time I make it. It was last week I had got a big basket of fresh carrots which was brought by my mother from ooty estate through a friend. I instantly thought of making this as the carrots were juicy and red. It took very less time and the result was delicious and yummy. I added khoya also which added to the texture and the result was delicious. I have a carrot halwa…

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Modak or Modakam is a dumpling steamed or fried in Indian cuisine. It is made during Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations and there are many varieties and variations in this delicacy. In our houses we make both sweet and savory modaks both of which is equally delicious. The one I am sharing with you here today is made with moong daL and jaggery along with grated coconut. The outer dough is made with rice flour and it is a very easy recipe to make. If you are uncomfortable or lack in practice in shaping the modakams, then you can make use of…

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Chocolate Modak is an instant recipe made with khova or milk solids and chocolate powder. It is a very easy modak recipe I was wanting to post for a long time. This is a very easy modak and will be a sure hit among children and elders alike. This festive season I thought of making something different and chocolate was my first choice. There are many varieties of modak , the chief among them is made with coconut jaggery filling with the outer dough of rice flour. I also have Modakam and Ellu Kozhakattai in my blog, which is a…

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Independence Day is celebrated as a mark of freedom of our country from the British Rule. It is a National Holiday for all and it is celebrated throught the country with the usual pomp and gaiety. When we think of our country the tri colour instantly comes to all our minds. Keeping that in mind , I as a food blogger made a small attempt and gave the usual Sooji Cake to a Tri colour Sooji Cake. This can be easily made with the ingredients available at home and it was a pleasure to make this with three different colours…

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I have been out of the blogging scenario for sometime now, and it seemed it would never happen in the near the future. I was travelling and couldn’t get to the routine, though I wanted to do very much. I am posting today a sweet recipe called Thengai or Coconut Poli. It is a very easy to make recipe and can be in a short time. The good part is it can be stored for a week if kept in fridge. I made this  two weeks ago and I was happy to take pictures as well. Coconut Pornam or the…

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Sometime back I got a parcel of red poha from Dhatu Organics. I have a few aval/poha recipes in my blog such as Vella Aval, Puli Aval, Kanada Poha etc. But they were all made from white poha. Red poha as I learn is more nuritive than white flakes. They have high iron content and easily digestable  as well.It is filling to the stomach but at the same time light as well. Here I have made a sweet recipe with red poha which is very quick to make and requires very less ingredients.  Coming to Dhatu, this was started by…

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Kalakand is a sweet made in Northern India with condensed milk and paneer. It is said to have been popular and originates from Alwar, Rajasthan and is mostly made in all households during Holi, Diwali and other festivities. It is a very easy sweet to prepare and even beginners or bachelors can make this delicacy with much ease. I made it for the first time last month and this recipe was lying in the draft for quite sometime. Rajasthan and Gujarat are the states in India where sweets are taken at the beginning and end of a meal. This is…

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Rava Kesari is a  classic South Indian sweet made during fesitivities and celebrations. It is made out of rava or semolina and is very easy to make. Even beginners if followed the steps carefully can make this delicacy in no time. It is super soft and simply melts in to your mouth as soon as you have it. My mother makes it with much skill as she has made this many number of times. It is a ritual to serve bhajji and sojji during the function where the groom visits the house of the would be bride in tamil community….

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Banana Sheera is a tasty dessert made from semolina,sugar,milk and banana.South Indians call it Kesari whereas in North it is called suji ka halwa. Normally I make kesari for various occasions for offering it to GOD.I have also seen here in Bangalore people making it for Satya Narayana Pooja. Whatever may be the occasion,it is a tasty desert that can be made in no time.One of my friends said she used to feed her infant with this Banana Sheera and as it is quite easy to swallow and soft.Here in Karnataka this is called Kesari Bath and is usually served…

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Shahi means Royal and Tukda is piece in Hindi.So literally translated it means a royal piece.Shahi Tukta is similar to Double Ka Meetha and is a super delicious and easy recipe.This mouth watering deep fried bread in ghee topped with rabri s a delight to anyone who lays hands on it.I found a difficult though in taking pistures as it was late evening and the light was dim.Otherwise this was an easy and satisfactory dessert to make.The rabri making is the only job here,rest of the work takes only a few minutes.The rabri should be of the custard type consistency…

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Gud Papdi or Sukhdi as it is called is an authentic Gujarati sweet made with wheat flour and jaggery.It can be made in a matter of minutes and is full of taste and is also an energy booster.It is also made in Maharashtra and is eaten with same awe.Many people in Gujarat have the habit of eating this at anytime of the day, preferably for instant jaggery or sweet rush.It has a crumbly texture and tends to melt in the mouth once you bite in to it.Though I have never tried any Gujarati sweets,but have a few snacks on my…

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