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Sometime back I had a chance to try Savorit brand’s Gopuram sevai or idiyappam recipes. They turned out super hit at home and I have made this several times but hadn’t had the chance to post here. I like the traditional sevai which is made in the nazhi or press and it is well liked at home as well. But this instant version was equally good, cutting down the process of hard labour but not compromising on the taste.  I have added many vegetables here, so you can pack this for lunch as well. I have many variations in this…

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  Recently I got a packet of Pea Flour from Dhatu Organics to try out. As I was wondering what to do with this amazing product, I realised I had no vegetables but only carrots in hand. An instant brain strom gave birth to this delicious recipe and I made soft and fluffy sevai or idiyappam flavoured with Idli Molaga Podi. The recipe was an innovative one and so tasty for our evening snack. As it turned out I made some more for dinner as well as it was liked by all at homePea flour has a number of health…

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Sevai or Idiyappam is nothing but string hoppers or rice noodles which can be made with  so many variations or tastes. I have quite a number of sevai recipes and this is one such tasty and tempting recipe. This can be had as a snack or can be had for dinner too. I have made this with Savorit brand instant variety,  when I  was askd by them to write review about the product. But you can follow the same procedure and use Idiyappam . Since this uses curd it can be had with ease and can be made well in advance…

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Curry Leaves Sevai is an excellant breakfast or evening snack recipe which is an easy to make and filling meal.Usually I make Curry Leaves Rice or Karuveppilai Sadam which has abundant iron content and gives an aromatic feel to the dish.I stumbled upon this idea when I wanted to make a new dish and was left out with no groceries but a bunch of curry leaves.This can be made during fasting or vrat days,where onions and garlic are not eaten.Most kids throw away the curry leaves and are unaware of the health benefits it adds to our body.This is an…

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I am always trying new recipes these days. Sevai or idiyappam is a healthy steamed rice based string hopper mainly had for breakfast.Bur being health conscious and many trying to avoid rice based foods these day,I searched for a replacement for rice.What will be a better option than that of wheat?This time it is Wheat vegatable sevai in my kitchen.An effortless kitchen variety and can be made in a matter of minutes,i made this one day for breakfast and was given a green flag,thankfully.I added a lot of veggies to make it more healthier.But I would suggest that using the…

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Sevai or Idiyappam is a steamed noodle variety made out of rice flour.It is a filling yet light variety breakfast also suitable for Dinner menu.I have quite a few varieties of sevai in my blog and make it as and when I crave for them.Besides making it with rice flour I also make with par boiled rice which is soaked and ground and steamed into idlis and then squeezed down in a press called nazhi. Every South Indian household posseses one and is a traditional tiffin item on the menu.In this particular post I have flavoured it with Black Pepper…

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Idiyappam or Sevai is always a good option to make for breakfast.I already have a few idiyappam recipes in my blog,both instant and homemade and they are always filling and also a wholesome meal in itself.When you have idiyappam ready you can flavour it with any thing you like and the options are endless and purely upto your imagination.Usually a breakfast recipe,this can be had a dinner item too as I make it sometimes or a snack.The method of preparation is very easy and quick and can be made in no time.For kids who are fussy eaters,you can always a…

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It is a common feature in all our homes during peak morning hours of breaking our heads as what to pack for lunch.It is no exception in my household too and I end up making something which is quick to make, easy to carry and filling too.This Instant Puli Sevai is one such recipe.It can be made in a matter of seconds and is very ideal for bachelors or working women.Here both sevai or idiyappam and puliyodhare mix is readymade and store bought.I had this wonderful opportunity of writing reviews for Eastern Spices and I am posting recipes as and…

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Lemon sevai is a tangy tasty tiffin or breakfast recipe I usually make at home.Specially helpful in days whenever onion is forbidden,this is a wholesome dinner option as well.I made this with with rice flour,but you can make it the traditional way of soaking the rice and grinding it nicely and steaming it and then putting it in the nazhi or press and squeeze out.That process is long,time consuming but very tasty.The method I used is equally flavourful and forms a good meal.See down below the recipe of Lemon Sevai.

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Idiyappam or string hopper is one recipe which I make twice a month.I make it sometimes for tiffin for evening or for breakfast or dinner too.In olden days sevai was made using the traditional sevai nazhi.I have it too at home,but made these with homemade rice flour.the one which uses sevai nazhi me

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