Indian Festival Recipes, Salads


Kosumalli or Kosambari is a south indian salad made with soaked mung dal and vegetables like cucumber,carrot etc.Usually this is made during Rama Navami,marriages and some festivals.I make this once a week since all at home are fond of salads and is a favorite to Ravi.It was during last week’s weekend menu I hade made this and as promised writing this post now.As cucumbers and carrots are available all round the year and are easily available this is a simple recipe which can be mae in a jiffy and you can be rest assured that it is nutritious too. You…

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Pasta, Salads


My daughter is fond of pasta and I do make a lot of varieties at home with different sauces and vegetables. For a long time I was wanting to post something with pasta which is fresh crunchy and nutritious and above all easy to make.I had this opportunity to contribute for Savorit Foods and I will be posting a few recipes now and then here in my blog.The pasta turned out super delicious and filling too.This particular recipe is a culmination of my idea and a few recipes from the web.It can be a healthy meal option or a small…

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Bachelors' Recipes, Salads


This post is an easy to make and one of my bachelor recipes first post.Iam always a salad person and love to eat it as an accompaniment to food or as a snack or sometimes a meal itself.It is one such food which can be eaten guilt free and that too without any limitations.My hubby loves salads and I make it a point to include in his meal a bowl of it.This recipe is a fruit and vegetable salad put in one bowl and is so tasty that you will crave for more.The one point to be noted here is…

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