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Summer is here and we all crave for something cool and refreshing. This easy recipe with least ingredients on the go is one the quickest and fast recipes which even the kids can make with fun. I have a Rose Milk recipe on my blog, this is the same recipe which I have freezed in a popsicle mould. The syrup I have used for this homemade rose syrup which you can refer fro the Rose milk recipe. You can use store bought Rose syrup as well. Coming to the popsicle part, it is always fun and enjoyable and as growing…

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Ice Creams, Popsicle


It is getting unusually hot here in Bangalore and I wonder what real summer is going to be. It is difficult to eat food sometimes and we long for juices,smoothies or ice creams to beat the heat. A better way is to include fruits that are available and give a healthy twist to the dishes we make. I tried out coconut lemon pear popsicle and it was loved by all at home. The water I used was coconut water which has natural sweetness and the lemon added it’s own tingling taste. Chopped pears add a nice texture and offer taste…

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Come summers,it is mangoes or popsicles that I look forward to each year.It has been like this since childhood and now daughter demands the same. I ate a lot of mangoes this year and made these popsicles,Mango Jam and Mango Ice Cream.The recipes of which will be following suit. Mango Popsicle turned out super creamy and the yoghurt in it tasted too good.The only good thing about summers is having them any time on a hot summer day.These are fun to make and involve your children in the making and they will love it doing the work. The delicious popsicles…

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