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  Recently I got a packet of Pea Flour from Dhatu Organics to try out. As I was wondering what to do with this amazing product, I realised I had no vegetables but only carrots in hand. An instant brain strom gave birth to this delicious recipe and I made soft and fluffy sevai or idiyappam flavoured with Idli Molaga Podi. The recipe was an innovative one and so tasty for our evening snack. As it turned out I made some more for dinner as well as it was liked by all at homePea flour has a number of health…

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  Salads are considered healthy and nutritious and more welcomed in the summers. It is that time of the year when we always want something chilled and refreshing and what more better way to combine a vegetable and a fruit drizzled with a salad dressing for this yummy recipe. I love salads and so does my family. In fact I can live on this bowl full of happiness and can have it any time of the day. Apples as we all know is rich in flavanoids, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre. The phyto nutrients helps in reducing cancer as well. Zucchini…

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Accompaniment for Idly/Dosa, No Onion No Garlic, Raita/Pachadi


I got a box of oranges some time back from a friend’s farm. After making juices, tea and eating lots of it as whole I was left over with piles of peels. Wondering what to do with all these besides using them for face scrub, I got the idea of pachadi from my friend who had made this before. It is a tangy and aromatic pachadi well to go with Idlis, Dosas and Pongal. I made this last week and it was totally delicious. It can be preserved up to 10 days in fridge. This is an easy recipe without…

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No Onion No Garlic, Paneer, Side Dish for Roti


Whevever you see a Menu Card in any restaurant,you can see a seperate list of dishes that are made in Jain style. It is nothing but the same dish but devoid of onion and garlic.We all at times don’t eat onion and garlic on certain days.During that time I make these kind of dishes,but believe me you won’t be able to find out the absence of onion or garlic.The freshness and creaminess of the spinach and paneer is a good combo with pooris ,rotis,naan and parathas.The taste is simply awesome and daughter loves it very much.You can replace the paneer…

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Lemon Coriander Soup is a most wanted recipe to post on my blog.And when recently when i happened to taste this on my friend’s house,i knew this is time is the time for me to try out this at home.Ravi always likes to have something hot just before weekend brunch,so this time i didn’t want to miss the oppurtunity to try out.Lemon coriander soup is a light and clear soup and with the aromatic mixture of lemon and fresh earthy flavour of coriander leaves,it gets even better.As you can see it is easy and heart warming recipe.I decided i will…

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Soups are always comforting and give an additional attraction with a meal.Amidst all different soups,this carrot ginger soup stands apart as i have included many indian spices in it.Very soothing during cold cough this one is also a great appetizer and is very filling too and can be had in between meals.I have made this to times in my house and all liked it very much.I added caraway seeds and cumin to subside the sweetness of carrots.A different from the regular soups this will a nice hit in your homes.So do try and let me know.. Notes You can add…

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No Onion No Garlic, Rice Accompaniments, Thogayal/Podi


Today’s recipe is a tasty accompaniment to rice and other tiffin items like dosas and arisi upma.It is so easy to make and and can be made within 10 minutes.Thogayals and podis form an integral part in south indian households.I make this often and tastes great with mor kuzhambu.Many have different versions of making this flavourful thogayal but i have stuck to simple and easy method.Coconut and urad dal when grounded yields a special aromatic touch.Do try this recipe and let me know.. Notes

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Curry with Coconut, No Onion No Garlic, Rice Accompaniments


This red cabbage corn curry is a rare thing at home since hubby dosn’t have a liking for red cabbage.But for daughter’s sake i made this curry coupled with corn which is not only nutritious but easy to make as well.I have made it with coconut so you can have it with rice and any south indian gravy.I have tasted this in amarriage and was not certain how it would taste,but when i saw Dhivya enjoying it changrd my mind and made it for her last week.It was tasting so good and i think i’ll be making this often now.See…

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Curry with Coconut, Dairy Free, Easy, No Onion No Garlic, Ovo Vegetarian, Rice Accompaniments, Vegan, Vegetarian


Potatoes are an all time favourite veggie irrespective of age.In our house all are big fans of good old potato.I like it most because of its versatality and flexiblity.You can prepare innumerable variety of dishes with it and it can be featured for any time of the meal.Potato podimas happens to be hubby’s favourite.I make this on sundays so that he can enjoy podimas fully.Moreover when you want to prepare a no onion dish this would be an excellent option.It’s easy to make ,only the boiling part takes 10 minutes.If you are in a hurry you can boil and peel…

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It was one of those days again,when onion is not taken in our family.When fasting or vrat days come it becomes difficult for me to prepare the night meal.But then thankfully i remenbered mom’s famous recipes Matar Tamatar Dal.She would prepare this dish in no time and me and my bro would wonder whether she went into the kitchen or not.This dal is so quick to make that even for office goers it will be a great lunch option sidedish.Matar/Peas are in season now and when fasting day came i wasted no time in preparing this.Hubby dear liked this and…

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