Indian Festival Recipes, Millet Recipes, Navarathri Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Payasam/Kheer Recipes, Traditional Recipes


Samai or Little Millet is a long forgotten Millet variety which was in use since old times.Nowadays due to the growing importance of health benefits of these grains.I have made a few varieties of recipes using millets and since this is Navatri season,thought of posting this simple recipe of payasam or kheer.I have made it with jaggery but you can replace it with sugar too.Similarly palm sugar can also be substituted for jaggery.Samai is good for diabetics and has low glycemic index. Samai has fibre content and helps in digestion too.The payasam turned super delicious and we all enjoyed the…

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Indian Festival Recipes, Millet Recipes, Navarathri Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Sweets, Traditional Recipes


I am making use of millets these days in my recipes not only to add them to the blog but also to add a healthy touch to the diet in our day to day food.As today is NAVATATHRI’s first day thought of sharing with you all this easy and tasty jaggery based sweet recipe which can be offered to GODDESS for the celebrations.I have Arisi Vella Puttu already in my blog,but this one I made with my own innovation.The process is simple and the ingredients even simpler. Puttu is usually made on Fridays during Navarathri celebrations.You can try this for…

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Dosa Varieties, Millet Recipes


Dosa is a favorite at home,be it any type.I make it for Breakfast,Dinner and at times pack for lunch too.This Dosa is made from Varagu,tamil name for Kodo Millet.As we all know millet recipes are becoming increasingly popular due to their health benefits these days.As you might have seen in my blog I have made a few Millet recipes and plan to post more in the near future.These millets can easily be substituted for rice and many recipes can be made with this.Besides dosa ,idli,pongal,payasam,pulao or biryani can be made with these wonder millets.One of my friend who is a…

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Adai Varieties, Breakfast Recipes, Millet Recipes


Adai is a lentil crepe made for breakfast or dinner in South India usually along with rice.But here I have used a healthy version and included Fox Millet which is otherwise called Thinai in Tamil,Kangni in Hindi and Navane in Kannada.Whatever it’s name may be it is a very healthy substitute for rice.Fox Millet has innumerable health benefits.You can add a lot of variations in this by adding veggies like shallots,onions,drumstick leaves and cabbage to make it more nutritious. Thinai when consumed regularly lowers sugar levels,has iron content and lots of Vitamin B.So whenever possible make idlis,dosas and adai with…

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Breakfast Recipes, Millet Recipes


These days millets are getting a lot of attention among people and is consumed with great interest due to its health benefits.It is second most widely planted species of millet and is rich in carbohydrates and is rich in fibre.It is helpful in combating with heart diseases and is good for diabetic patients. Lord Muruga is said to have had Thenum Thinai Maavum meaning foxtail millet and honey. Thinai is foxtail millet in Tamil and is one of the oldest known food grains.One of the first recipes I made is Foxtail Millet Pongal. I have always thought Pongal is a…

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