Jam, Mango Recipes


When I had loads of ripe mangoes at home and have enjoyed to my heart’s content eating it as such,I searched for recipes with mangoes by which I can have it preserved for a long time.I made mango yoghurt popsicle,mango mastani and mango ice cream and was thinking storing the mangoes by making jam .What better way of using up of mangoes,than making yummy jam with them.Mango is one tropical fruit loved by one and all and kids love jam and that too with fresh mangoes.On busy mornings,when you are searching for something to spread on your toast,mango jam comes…

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Ice Creams, Mango Recipes


There could be no one who doesn’t like ice creams,right?Well I am no exception to it and love ice creams of all sorts.Whenever possible I try to make ice cream at home and this time when there were lots of mangoes at home last week,tried this mango recipe which was soft,creamy and just melted in the mouth.This lip smacking ice cream is no hard work,but it takes time to make it,that’s all.I have used condensed milk and fresh cream which resulted in creamy texture of the ice cream. Dhivya loved it to the core and had two helpings in one…

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Ice Creams, Mango Recipes, Popsicle


Come summers,it is mangoes or popsicles that I look forward to each year.It has been like this since childhood and now daughter demands the same. I ate a lot of mangoes this year and made these popsicles,Mango Jam and Mango Ice Cream.The recipes of which will be following suit. Mango Popsicle turned out super creamy and the yoghurt in it tasted too good.The only good thing about summers is having them any time on a hot summer day.These are fun to make and involve your children in the making and they will love it doing the work. The delicious popsicles…

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Mango Recipes, Milkshakes


Mango Mastani is a dessert drink originated in Pune .It is a thick milkshake with ice cream and nuts.I had it once in a juice bar here in Bangalore and was hooked by the taste.I decided there itself that I should make this and post this on my blog.The epic says that the drink got it’s name from the Peshwa Baji Rao’s wife who is said to be a brave and beautiful woman.The delicious concoction of mangoes,ice cream and dry fruits makes it delicious.You could find this at almost any eatery,but making it at home was a tasty affair.As it…

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Drinks, Mango Recipes, Summer Coolers


The summer is at it’s peak and the mangoes are in season.That has driven me to try this long pending to try on my list Aam Panna. Last week when i went to the market i purchased a few raw mangoes.We make pickles of various types with mangoes and eat the long cut pieces.Also there are a variety of gravies and of course as we all know,we make juices and shakes too. This is a North Indian cooler drink made with raw mangoes and is very popular there owing to it’s availability of varieties and numbers.I learnt that raw mangoes…

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Lunchbox Ideas, Mango Recipes, Rice Variety


Mango Rice is one easy and tangy rice variety which can be made in no matter of time.I tasted this at a friend’s place and was too tempted to make this for lunch box to my daughter.She likes mango but was not sure how she would like to have this as a rice variety.It has groundnuts and chilles which add to the flavour and mingles with rice well.It tastes awesome even long after it is made and so it fits the category of preparing for lunch box.Mango Rice is a tasty rice and here goes the recipe for same..

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Mango Recipes, Raita/Pachadi


When it comes to mangoes it is always welcomed at home.Be it the fruit or raw,it is enjoyed in all forms.This traditional pachadi is so tangy and sweet that you wouldn’t stop eating at a few mouthfulls.Traditionally made during festivities it liked by one and all.It requires very less ingredients an

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Lassi, Mango Recipes, Summer Coolers


Lassi is a great thirst quencher and can be made and had at any time o the day.Mango is the king o fruits and is available in plenty during this summer time in almost all over india.Iam very happy to share this recipe as I made this specially during summer holidays and was liked by all.You could hav

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Ice Creams, Mango Recipes


Kulfi is liked by all at home.It is badam pista that I always make,but when Ravi’s friend who has farm dispatched a big box of mangoes last month,I was wondering what to do with the raining mangoes.I tried mango lassi,mango milk shake and mango tea.But kulfi was long due.So I made it sometime back a

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Mango Recipes, Pickles


Who doesn’t love mangoes and iam no exeption.As everyone i look forward to the mango season and love to make pickles besides enjoying the fruit.The mango season is in full swing now and couldn’t resist making this instant pickle.For this no soaking or standing time is needed,you make it and eat it.Methyam or vendhyam is fenugreek in tamil and it’s unique in flavour in the pickle is simply awesome.It requires less than 10 minutes to make and you can make it with ease.So scroll down for an easy recipe with mango.. Notes Use firm solid mangoes for better taste.

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