Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Kootu, Rice Accompaniments


Whenever a south indian menu comes to mind and I have to make a full fledged tamil cuisine,I don’t forget making this kootu.It is juicy,spicy and tastes awesome with any rice and gravy.The coconut imparts a special taste to the ash gourd and with crispy dal temperings tastes even good.I make this during any get togethers and every time is enjoyed and liked by all.You can have this with rasam and rice too,it also tastes nice.Try this simple humble kootu and let me know.. Notes

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Kootu, Rice Accompaniments, Traditional Recipes


Aviyal is a dish that is so much common made in Tamil Nadu,Kerala and Udipi cuisines and is a beutiful blend of mixed vegetables in coconut and yogurt gravy.This one is an essential in the famous Onam Sadya recipes.We all make this at home and no exception.All like it a home and i make this for the sunday brunch so that all can enjoy this at leisure.The version of making this differs at each home,but this is how we make it and is simply yummy and creamy.Check this exiting recipe and surprise your family this sunday. Notes

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Easy, Kootu


We all like to have simple yet healthy and filling menu sometimes and from the elaborate preparations stick to a wholesome quick food.This cabbage kootu aptly fits the category and and i prefer it on lazy afternoons with hot rasam.Kootu is a stew made out of many vegetables such as chayote or chow chow,pumpkin,snake gourd to name a few.Each one can be made differently and the choice is yours.It is less time consuming to prepare,tasty and flafourful too.Cabbage is otherwise very bland having no taste of it’s own,but considering the fact it is healthy i have added a few spices…

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It was during my summer holidays that I first tasted this parangikkai vella kootu.We used to spend our vacation in chennai every year and from delhi used to visit my grandparents there.Grandma took special care in preparing the delicacies and what joy it gave her.It is yet another rare and authentic recipe which I haven’t seen served in any hotels.Totally homestyle it is.Parangikkai is red pumpkin and vellam is jaggery,so it is a sweet flavoured stew which is had as an accompaniment with rice and another spicy curry to meet all the tastes of our versatile tongue.It is normally made…

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Kootu, Medium


I like banana stem or vazhaithandu because of it’s numerous health benefits.Personally it was a boon to me when i suffered from kidney stones for the past 2 years and my doc recommended to drink banana stem juice daily.I never knew what would that do with the disease curing,but did what i was told.It’s fibre content is very good for our body and treats many diseases with ease.Taste wise also it is chewy and with the blended coconut and spices this kootu tastes simply awesome.It is a yoghurt based gravy or kottu and tastes best with variety rice items.Banana tree…

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Dairy Free, Easy, Gluten Free, Kootu, Ovo Vegetarian, Vegan, Vegetarian


A simple yet healthy filling dish this keerai masiyal is nothing but mashed spinach .Keerai in tamil is spinach and masiyal is to mash..This is a typical tamil brahmin accompaniment with rice and any gravy or rasam. As we all know all greens are loaded with the goodness of irons and vitamins and this recipe has a very few steps and can be made in a matter of 10 minutes.I have used mulai keerai,a variety of spinach available here,but you can follow the same procedure with any variety of spinach you have.This variety of spinach has thick stem in it…

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