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My daughter is fond of Noodles and can have it any time of the day. Besides making it tasty and healthy, I try out various methods of making it different to break the monotony and try out something new. I…

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Cheese is one such accompaniment which is truly loved by kids and Dhivya is no exception. I try to include cheese in forms such as spreads, slices, processed or pizza cheese for various favorite recipes. It is loaded with milk…

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I always like healthy yet easy to make foods which are not only tasty but quick to make as well. Recently I was asked by Dip Foods to write review for their products and I am happy that I did….

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When you want to eat to your heart’s content,try this Hearty Pasta Soup.Loaded with veggies,this nutritious soup with pasta is a meal in itself.Specially for working women,who come home and find it tiring to make a meal,this recipe will come to the rescue.I came up with this recipe while surfing one day,and made it for dinner some time back.Needless to say Dhivya enjoyed,even Ravi had it without fuss.I have been thinking of posting soup recipes lately and have come up with 2 or more soups with pasta.I also write reviews for Savorit Limited from where I got this spiral variety…

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Chilli Gobhi is a lip smacking stater recipe similar to Gobhi Manchurian.It is made out of deep fried cauliflower florets in maida and corn flour batter mixed with a variety of sauces.This Indo-Chinese dish is my daughter’s favorite and I made this for her some time back.This easy recipe can be made in 15 minutes if all ingredients are kept ready.It forms a good side dish for fried rice besides being a tasty snack.If you don’t want to serve it dry as I have done,you make add water and make it a gravy consistency.The tricky part is to keep the…

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