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Udipi is a small town in Karnataka,which has a unique and tasty cuisine famous all over the world.The people of the region use a saatvik way of preparing food and onions and garlic are devoid of usage.I tasted this rasam once in the Udipi Sri Krishna temple and was mesmerized by its awesome flavour.In Karnataka rasam is called saaru and is one of the important part of the menu.They make with freshly homemade pudi which is nothing but powder with which this rasam is made.Besides the various rasam varieties,I relish on this rasam very much.I am sure once you prepare…

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Set Dosa is nothing but Dosa with poha or flattenened rice,raw rice and urad dal carefully ground into a smooth mixture which when poured is slightly thick than the usual dosas and served in stacks of two or three.The dosa is super spongy and fluffy and is highly filling yet light on the stomach.I have tried thiis dosa many a times here in Bangalore whenever i get a chance to eat out.It is served with Vegetable Sagu and Coconut Chutney.You can prepare this dosa with the normal dosa batter too,but you won’t get the fluffy or spongy texture which is…

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Vangi Bath or Brinjal Rice is a traditional rice variety of Karnataka.There are many among us who don’t like brinjals but iam sure they will also love this rice once they try this vangi bath.Normally I make this for lunch box,but it can be equally enjoyed at home too.It has the aromatic spices that go into it and the juicy brinjal adds to the flavour.All karnataka households have a special place for vangi bath in their houses and I learnt this from my MIL who used to make this when I got married.Now for the recipe of Vangi Bath.. Notes

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Open Butter Masala Dosa is one of the items I always order whenever we go out to eat,specially it tastes great at Adigas,the famous chain of resturants here in Bangalore.I have so much wanted to make this at home,specially on a weekend dinner and I could make this last week.All enjoyed it to the core and needless to say it was a super duper hit in Nithya’s Kitchen.I was so pleased with the outcome that I am planning to make this often.The fact that the masala is on the top rather than inside as a stuffing,is the attraction here.Also it has toppings of grated coconut and ,coriander leaves,idli molaga podi and dollops of butter.Yummy!!

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It was on a trip to mysore many years back that i first tasted sagu.The spices were mild, gravy was filled with mixed vegetables and the texture soft and juicy.It was served with pooris and the taste was awesome.In karnataka poori sagu is phenominal.I have tried this many times for pooris and rotis too,but never licked it until one viewer requested to post this recipe.This is very easy to make and can be made in a matter of minutes.The good part is you can add all veggies and because of they are mixed kids won’t recognise what veggies are there…

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Rava idli is an instant idli made with semolina or sooji.It takes just 15 minutes to prepare an can be one yummy breakfast recipe.My hubby likes it to the core and he loves eating it at the famous MTR restaurant here in bangalore.I have tasted it there many times and have always awed about the taste they give to it.Served with potato masala this idli is served with ghee.You can have it with sambhar and chutney too.Otherwise here in bangalore they serve it with a vegetable gravy called sagu.Now i don’t know how many of you know this.During world war…

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Breakfast Recipes, Dinner recipes, Karnataka Recipes


Akki Roti is a rice based roti with minimal ingredients and an easy preparation.Being in Bangalore for quite sometime now i sometimes indulge in making kannadiga delicacies too which is loved by all at home.I wanted to make this roti for long and when my neighbour told me the recipe one day,i quickly gathered the ingredients and made it the same night for dinner.It tasted so good that with the left over dough Ravi wanted to pack that for next day’s lunch as well.Yeah!I made it.The joys of feeding your loved ones and that too if it turns out to…

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