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This recipe comes with a happy note, wishing all my readers a VERY HAPPY 2018!! Kaju Pista Roll has always fantasised me in all the shops and also in the assorted sweet boxes that is usually exchanged during festivities. And I was reluctant and a bit fearful to try out as how it might turn out. But as an attempt tried out this two days back and was glad I did. this delicious cashew nut and pistachio fudge is a real treat for people with sweet tooth and is of melt in the mouth consistency. This can grace any occasion…

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Diwali Sweets, Indian Festival Recipes, Indian Sweets


Badam Halwa is always a favourite dessert at home,not only because of it’s richness but tastes great and melts into the mouth.Generally in sweet shops it is sold in paper packet.I thought of posting long back,but since it is Diwali time,I realised now is the correct time to post.The ingredients used are minimal and taste is guaranteed to be great.In a recent wedding I attented they served Badam Halwa with ice cream and that was an awesome combination.You can have it just like that and it was a great hit at home and all loved it to the core.Badam Halwa…

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