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Come July- august, the whole month will be filled with festivities and fasting too.For that we have make some offering to GOD and it is always a tasty affair for me to indulge into making sweets.I always look to it that the offerings made are authentic and well tried at home.No new fancy recipes here.So as I was wondering what to make for this aadi velli i.e. Fridays between July 15th and august 15th the old recipe aval kesari caught my attention.I was looking for something easy to make and which is traditional too and of course tasty. I have…

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Gokulashtami Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Snacks


Kodubale is an intresting snack to me for two reasons.One it’s name and the other it’s variations.It’s a speciality snack of Karnataka.It is a snack made out of rice flour and is usually prepared during Janmashtami,the birthday of LORD SRI KRISHNA.It involves a little effort and patience though initially,but believe me the results will be truly rewarded.When i first came here to Bangalore,a neighbour taught me this and it has been a regular preparation in my household thereafter. Kodu means horn and bale means bangle in Kannada,the language spoken here.As you might see these are shaped like bangles or horns.I…

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Literally translated Thattai means to pat or flatten in Tamil and is made by making flat rounds of rice flour dough and fried deep.It is a snack variety and made during Gokulashtami, but for me i’ll make it any time of the year to munch on as a snack.It is one South Indian snack item that doesn’t require any moulds and really yummy to taste. It was during last week that i made this when my parents were here.My dad is fond of fried items and thought it would be nice to make this.When you knead the dough and keep…

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When i say iam going to make some snacks my family is always in for it as they are always a welcome for them.Hubby likes to munch something after dinner and daughter dear is also fond of them.Generally this oma podi i make a little extra and set aside some for Bhel puri of which my daughter dhivya is a huge fan.So friends,this new post of mine is an all time favorite in all households irrespective of age. Yes, oma podi or sev is a very easy snack and when you have assembled all the ingredients it can be made…

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A traditional South Indian dessert made during festivities at homes,Pal Payasam is a milk based sweet. Simple to make and pleasing to eat and serve.It is a must in most functions in Tamil and Kerala households.Lord Guruvayurappan is said to be fond of this delicacy.So friends,here is the recipe.Enjoy making,eating and serving. NOTES:

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