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Potato Murukku is a crispy snack made out of rice flour and potatoes.Since Janmashtami is tommorow,you can give it a try in addition to the regular delicacies.Here in Bangalore Kannadigas offer many sweets in savouries for the occasion.I wanted to try some sweets too,but since I was unwell had to do with this recipe only.Potato Murukku is a recipe I saw in a magazine and was tempted to try and to my satisfaction came out well.This is a very and fool proof recipe and involves very less ingredients and takes less time for preparing too.You can use homemade rice flour…

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Diwali Snacks, Gokulashtami Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Snacks, Traditional Recipes


Tomorrow is Diwali and I am afraid all of you must be busy preparing sweets and savouries.I tried my level best to include many Diwali recipes this year in my blog and I am happy that I could do it.This Pepper or Milagu Thattai is a slight variation from the original thattai recipe I have in my blog.It is easy and great to munch upon snack,which comes in handy for those who are doing last minute preparations.All the ingredients for this are readily and easily available in all homes, so there should not be any difficulty in making these super…

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Diwali Sweets, Gokulashtami Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Sweets, Traditional Recipes


Thiratipal or Palgova is a traditional sweet prepared in most homes during diwali.It is a very easy to make dessert, though it is time consuming.With all the ingredients easily available at home,you can make this sweet with considerable ease.As Diwali gets near I remember my mom preparing this delicacy in my childhood days.The milk in Delhi were I grew up would be very tasty and the thiratipal made with that would be divine.How ever sweets she might prepare,mom would ever forget preparing this.As I was thinking what next to post for Diwali,thiratipal came to my mind and I am presenting…

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Aval or poha or rice flakes as you might call, these are wonder flakes which are light on the stomach and easy to digest.Among the many dishes I make with aval, this payasam is an easy and tasty addition to your list of kheer or payasam recipes for the festive season.This is prepared on the occasion of Janmashtmi, but can can be made on any festive occasion to grace it.Simple, yet classy this dish tastes great when combined with milk and jaggery.Needless to say it requires just 10 minutes to make,so get set and give it a try. Notes

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Diwali Snacks, Gokulashtami Recipes, Snacks


Iam fascinated by the making of kai murukku,which requires real expertise in making.But this butter murukku is an easy one to make and you can make this with the press and can be made in minutes.I made this during Krishna Janmashtami 10 days back.But somehow I couldn’t post it.You can make this in no time and have it as an evening snack or for Diwali snack also.Whatever the occasion this one will melt in your mouth and tastes crispy too.It has the nice flavour of roasted gram and gram flours and the butter does the magic.See the easy recipe of…

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Gokulashtami Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Sweets, Traditional Recipes


This is festive time and we celebrate many occasions during the month of august and september.KRISHNA JANMASHTAMI is celebrated with pomp and joy throughout the country and this vella seedai or sweet version of seedai is apt for offering it to GOD.Last post was salt version and this sweet seedai is prepared along with uppu seedai and offered as naivedhyam.It is slightly bigger in size compared to salt seedai and the taste is phenominal.I always remember my childhood days while rolling these out as me and my brother helped our mom.As kids these small events were always special and memories…

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Gokulashtami Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Snacks, Traditional Recipes


Uppu Seedai is a traditional snack made during Krishna Jayanthi festival.This snack is made with rice flour and urad dal flour and lots of butter.I remember mom it in large batches usually 5-6.It is a tedious process of rolling the balls and me with my brother would help mom rolling these cute little seedai balls.It may appear that we are making many balls,but when you fry them and take out,you will see they are only a few.It can be stored for over a week and can be enjoyed later too.Many people are scared of making seedais at home,mainly for the…

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Akkaravadisal is a typical iyengar dessert made and offered to GOD during festivities.It can be sugar or jaggery based but made with rice.In iyengar style it is made with jaggery and is famous neivedhyam in VISHNU temples.It uses milk and lots of ghee,which gives the extraordinary creamy and melt in the mouth texture and is truly divine to taste.I know of a sugar based version of this recipe too,which I intend to post later.You can try for the forthcoming Janmashtami,this recipe which if followed with proper steps is an easy recipe to make.Try out this yummilicious recipe this festive season…

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Diwali Sweets, Gokulashtami Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Neiveidhyam Recipes, Sweets


I can’t think of coconut burfi without Ravi.Though he dosen’t have a sweet tooth he likes it to the core.So i indulge into preparing these whenever i can.So it was a long time pending post for me as this was in my draft for quite long now.I at first was very reluctant into making these and was wanting to find a way to master in this.I always ended up making slightly brown coloured burfis everytime and struggled to find a way out.Atlast now i know the secret of making snow white coconut burfis.Want to know how?See recipe below and enjoy…

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Diwali Snacks, Gokulashtami Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Snacks


Murukku or mullu murukku is prepared during diwali and janmashtami festivals,but i just wanted an excuse to prepare as i wanted to try this very much.I was sceptical about the outcome but then it was Diwali and i had to make it.Many beginners find this rather tricky as the squeezing into perfect rounds is a great task.By practicing for long and with great efforts i could to certain extent make these cute roundels. I made flour at home since i made only a small batch,but if you happen to have a flour mill nearby,better to have grounded there.I have also…

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