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Dosa Varieties, Millet Recipes


Dosa is a favorite at home,be it any type.I make it for Breakfast,Dinner and at times pack for lunch too.This Dosa is made from Varagu,tamil name for Kodo Millet.As we all know millet recipes are becoming increasingly popular due to their health benefits these days.As you might have seen in my blog I have made a few Millet recipes and plan to post more in the near future.These millets can easily be substituted for rice and many recipes can be made with this.Besides dosa ,idli,pongal,payasam,pulao or biryani can be made with these wonder millets.One of my friend who is a…

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Breakfast Recipes, Dinner recipes, Dosa Varieties


Dosa of any type is a favorite at home.And it should be crisp and hot too.I make either dosa batter or idli batter once a week and make idlis and dosas of various types.As I was planning what to make for evening snack for my daughter,saw a small head of cauliflower lying on the fridge and with the dosa batter I had in hand made this in a matter of minutes.I have tasted cauliflower masala dosa once in a restaurant and was totally hooked to it.But I forgot the incident until I made this.I made the filling in the morning…

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Dinner recipes, Dosa Varieties


My husband’s all time favourite breakfast with classic Coconut Chutney comes as today’s post.Masala Dosa is made by stuffing dosa with potatoes, onions, green chillies and spices.It is one of the favourite foods in the world and many of the foreign countries serve it with pride.Whenever we go out to eat at MTR or CTR the famous restaurants here,this will be on the list.This is a tasty dosa variety with potato stuffing and tastes delicious when dollop of ghee is added on top.The potato filling is almost the same as I made for Puri Masala, but I don’t add water…

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Breakfast Recipes, Dosa Varieties


Dosa is a kind of crepe with fermented batter made from rice and urad dal. Many of you might think what is the necessity to post a recipe for Dosa or the making of its batter and what is the difference between an Idli batter and Dosa Batter.Well to be precise in my family Idli and Dosa batters were ground seperately and made for breakfast or dinner from different batters..But due to lack of time and for my own convenience I have started making a batter which suits the making of both of these basic South Indian breakfast delicacies.The taste…

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Breakfast Recipes, Dinner recipes, Dosa Varieties


Long back I had a chance to eat at a quaint little place in Madurai during our temple visit to the city.They served this unusual variety of dosa which was quite a hit there.I being the one who likes to experiment with food found an instant attraction to the dosa and ordered immediately.It turned out to be crispy and soft and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.I had totally forgotten the recipe and it’s name until 2 months back I had this opportunity.

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Breakfast Recipes, Dosa Varieties, Karnataka Recipes


Set Dosa is nothing but Dosa with poha or flattenened rice,raw rice and urad dal carefully ground into a smooth mixture which when poured is slightly thick than the usual dosas and served in stacks of two or three.The dosa is super spongy and fluffy and is highly filling yet light on the stomach.I have tried thiis dosa many a times here in Bangalore whenever i get a chance to eat out.It is served with Vegetable Sagu and Coconut Chutney.You can prepare this dosa with the normal dosa batter too,but you won’t get the fluffy or spongy texture which is…

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One of the common features at home is what to make for dinner?In my house each one has a different taste and it is sometimes difficult for me to make ad satisfy all.Some of the times i make a variation and add or omit certain things and adjust as per their liking.Dosa is one such recipe.It is loved by all,But to serve the same way each time is boring ad monotonous.To break that i make various stuffing in dosa ad this one was made when my daughter wanted a fusion dinner.Making dosa the same way but with a chinese stuffing.I…

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Breakfast Recipes, Dinner recipes, Dosa Varieties, Karnataka Recipes, Tiffin


Open Butter Masala Dosa is one of the items I always order whenever we go out to eat,specially it tastes great at Adigas,the famous chain of resturants here in Bangalore.I have so much wanted to make this at home,specially on a weekend dinner and I could make this last week.All enjoyed it to the core and needless to say it was a super duper hit in Nithya’s Kitchen.I was so pleased with the outcome that I am planning to make this often.The fact that the masala is on the top rather than inside as a stuffing,is the attraction here.Also it has toppings of grated coconut and ,coriander leaves,idli molaga podi and dollops of butter.Yummy!!

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Dosa Varieties, Paneer, Tiffin


Paneer dosa is one variety of dosa which we tried sometime back while travelling to madurai.They had this vast array of about 100 dosa varieties and I was very much surprised to the see the collection of dosa varieties.On tasting it I decided I would definetely give it a try while coming home.As my

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