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Cheese is one such accompaniment which is truly loved by kids and Dhivya is no exception. I try to include cheese in forms such as spreads, slices, processed or pizza cheese for various favorite recipes. It is loaded with milk…

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I always like healthy yet easy to make foods which are not only tasty but quick to make as well. Recently I was asked by Dip Foods to write review for their products and I am happy that I did….

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It was my long wish to make Peanut Butter at home.I was always of the opinion that it would not turn out nice and i will ultimately end up wasting the ingredients used.But when i was a asked to write for Kungumam Thozhi Magazine last month for 30 various dal/legume variety dishes,i knew i have to try this.It is a lot cheaper and more healthier if you make it this way. I searched google for many recipes but ended up in this because of its simple and easy ingredients.And ofcourse it was quick to make too.It took less than 15…

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It was for a long time that I wanted to post this Hummus recipe.Hummus is an egyptian dip or spread made from chickpeas,tahini,garlic and spices.It is an ancient food dip made in olden times dating back to many years and it has its own variations.I wanted to post it with a little homemade style recipe and was somewhat successful too since daughter dear raised her thumbs up.I also learnt that it is made in some countries like Lebanon,Morocco etc.Did you people know that there is one annual event celebrated on third Thursday every year?Sounds really intresting to me.This protein filled…

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