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Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular street foods of Mumbai. Pav means bread and bhaji is vegetables.The vegetables are cooked ,mashed and blended  with aromatic spices  and served with shallow fried  buttered buns.This is a party food as…

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Dosa of any type is a favorite at home.And it should be crisp and hot too.I make either dosa batter or idli batter once a week and make idlis and dosas of various types.As I was planning what to make for evening snack for my daughter,saw a small head of cauliflower lying on the fridge and with the dosa batter I had in hand made this in a matter of minutes.I have tasted cauliflower masala dosa once in a restaurant and was totally hooked to it.But I forgot the incident until I made this.I made the filling in the morning…

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Dinner recipes, Sevai Recipes


I am always trying new recipes these days. Sevai or idiyappam is a healthy steamed rice based string hopper mainly had for breakfast.Bur being health conscious and many trying to avoid rice based foods these day,I searched for a replacement for rice.What will be a better option than that of wheat?This time it is Wheat vegatable sevai in my kitchen.An effortless kitchen variety and can be made in a matter of minutes,i made this one day for breakfast and was given a green flag,thankfully.I added a lot of veggies to make it more healthier.But I would suggest that using the…

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Dinner recipes, Dosa Varieties


My husband’s all time favourite breakfast with classic Coconut Chutney comes as today’s post.Masala Dosa is made by stuffing dosa with potatoes, onions, green chillies and spices.It is one of the favourite foods in the world and many of the foreign countries serve it with pride.Whenever we go out to eat at MTR or CTR the famous restaurants here,this will be on the list.This is a tasty dosa variety with potato stuffing and tastes delicious when dollop of ghee is added on top.The potato filling is almost the same as I made for Puri Masala, but I don’t add water…

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Breakfast Recipes, Dinner recipes, Sevai Recipes


Sevai or Idiyappam is a steamed noodle variety made out of rice flour.It is a filling yet light variety breakfast also suitable for Dinner menu.I have quite a few varieties of sevai in my blog and make it as and when I crave for them.Besides making it with rice flour I also make with par boiled rice which is soaked and ground and steamed into idlis and then squeezed down in a press called nazhi. Every South Indian household posseses one and is a traditional tiffin item on the menu.In this particular post I have flavoured it with Black Pepper…

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