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Have you a tried a simple cumin flavoured potato curry in less then 10 minutes?This is a versatile dish that goes with almost anything,easy to make and super tasty.Normally in busy mornings when I make phulkas for Dhivya for lunch box,I make this and she never complains as she is very much fond of this.This is a quick no onion no garlic recipe too,fit for those fasting days. Vrat recipes are not that hard and tasteless as you might think.You can also try by adding cumin powder also but since I wanted the nutty and crunchiness,I added only jeera.You can…

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Dry Curry, Easy, Vegetarian


This recipe may be unknown to many and is a traditional recipe of People hailing from Tanjavur District in Tamil Nadu.They have a typical and one of a kind cuisine.I hail from This place and have tasted this yummy banana curry at home.Mom makes it during Amavasya or no moon day this curry or Vazhakai Podimas.It is customary to make Raw Banana on Amavasya day.This has minimal ingredients,yet it is very tasty and colourful, owing to the addition of turmeric powder as the name itself says.So here is the recipe for Vazhakai Manjapodi curry. SUMMARY Total Time:25 minutes

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Lemon Coriander Soup is a most wanted recipe to post on my blog.And when recently when i happened to taste this on my friend’s house,i knew this is time is the time for me to try out this at home.Ravi always likes to have something hot just before weekend brunch,so this time i didn’t want to miss the oppurtunity to try out.Lemon coriander soup is a light and clear soup and with the aromatic mixture of lemon and fresh earthy flavour of coriander leaves,it gets even better.As you can see it is easy and heart warming recipe.I decided i will…

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Badam Kheer is a nutty flavourful milk based kheer with the goodness of almonds.It is a very easy and rich dessert with minimal ingredients and which requires a little time to brighten your celebrations.I made this last month during my MIL’s birthday and it was a hit.She was happy and thoroughly enjoyed it to the core.It has been a long time that I posted some sweet recipe and here comes this which can be a beautiful oppurtunity to surprise your loves ones.Though you don’t need an excuse to make this,surely it will be a highlight if you could make this…

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I have been making chaats these days.What started with just papdis became a series of chaat recipes and I am with puri for chaats now.I made Bhel Puri and Sev Puri and then came the chance for these cute puris.I also made Masala Puri,Dahi Puri and Pani Puri too.Since it is hygienic and economical too to make these puris .I was long searching for a perfect recipe for puri for chaats as every time I tried to make them either they wouldn’t puff or would’t be crispy.I later stumbled upon the recipe in vah re vah and the puris were…

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Diwali Snacks, Easy, Indian Festival Recipes, Snacks


I have been posting too many sweet recipes and so I thought of posting a spicy yet less oily and guilt free snack of that of Cornflakes Mixture.I have already the classic Madras Mixture in my blog,but this is an easy and tasty version to munch upon without fear of adding up a few calories.This is a very easy recipe so much so that even bachelors and beginners in cooking can make for this Diwali.I have kept the spices very less,keeping health point in mind.Also use cornflakes which are plain in flavour.This crispy snack’s recipe is down under.. Notes

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Soups are always comforting and give an additional attraction with a meal.Amidst all different soups,this carrot ginger soup stands apart as i have included many indian spices in it.Very soothing during cold cough this one is also a great appetizer and is very filling too and can be had in between meals.I have made this to times in my house and all liked it very much.I added caraway seeds and cumin to subside the sweetness of carrots.A different from the regular soups this will a nice hit in your homes.So do try and let me know.. Notes You can add…

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Authentic Brahmin Recipe, Easy, Rasam, Rice Accompaniments, Traditional Recipes


Goddu rasam,yes it is a very good rasam.Not jokingbelieve me it is a very tempting and flavourful rasam.My MIL often makes it and it is a rasam where toor dal is tempered and not cooked and added to the thin gravy.Amongst the many varieties of rasam made this one hails from tanjore district of Tamil Nadu.A very simple dish which can be made when you want no elaborate proceedures and yet want a comfort and filling meal.Can we see the recipe now? Notes

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Easy, Kootu


We all like to have simple yet healthy and filling menu sometimes and from the elaborate preparations stick to a wholesome quick food.This cabbage kootu aptly fits the category and and i prefer it on lazy afternoons with hot rasam.Kootu is a stew made out of many vegetables such as chayote or chow chow,pumpkin,snake gourd to name a few.Each one can be made differently and the choice is yours.It is less time consuming to prepare,tasty and flafourful too.Cabbage is otherwise very bland having no taste of it’s own,but considering the fact it is healthy i have added a few spices…

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I was wondering about the menu i should be preparing for Diwali and as you know no feast is complete without dessert.In traditional south indian meal during any festivity Payasam is a must.And my MIL always says when offering to GOD jaggery based payasam is considered auspicious.I made a small amount of kadala paruppu and payatham paruppu mixed payasam during my visit to parent’s house last month and am planning to make this for diwali menu.This is a channa dal and moong dal based payasam and is prepared during Avani avittam festival and Navaratri too.

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When i posted sweet chutney for chaats i thought of posting this green chutney too as they go hand in hand and are the two important chutneys for our chaat items.This chutney too can be prepared in a jiffy and stored for 10 days.I always make this chutney a little extra and love to have them with parathas too.Try it,Iam sure you’ll like it too.Coriander,the main ingredient of this chutney has a good source of folic acid,vitamin A and beta carotene.It also has strong anti oxidant properties and helps reduce the feeling of nausea.With simple coriander leaves you can do…

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