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Lemon Coriander Soup is a most wanted recipe to post on my blog.And when recently when i happened to taste this on my friend’s house,i knew this is time is the time for me to try out this at home.Ravi always likes to have something hot just before weekend brunch,so this time i didn’t want to miss the oppurtunity to try out.Lemon coriander soup is a light and clear soup and with the aromatic mixture of lemon and fresh earthy flavour of coriander leaves,it gets even better.As you can see it is easy and heart warming recipe.I decided i will…

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I was wondering about the menu i should be preparing for Diwali and as you know no feast is complete without dessert.In traditional south indian meal during any festivity Payasam is a must.And my MIL always says when offering to GOD jaggery based payasam is considered auspicious.I made a small amount of kadala paruppu and payatham paruppu mixed payasam during my visit to parent’s house last month and am planning to make this for diwali menu.This is a channa dal and moong dal based payasam and is prepared during Avani avittam festival and Navaratri too.

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 I  was planning to make wheat halwa for a long time and as it is much time consuming was postponing it. It involves soaking wheat rava, grinding it and extracting it’s milk and proceed with the halwa making process.I saw,while browsing one day and stumbled upon this recipe of wheat flour halwa. Believe me it’s absolutely heavenly and there is is no compromise in the taste too.My mother who is an expert in halwa making was also pleased to  know that I made this when which had the same taste as hers,at last my battle was won.See here the recipe of the halwa and treat your loved ones even when there is no celebration.

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When i posted sweet chutney for chaats i thought of posting this green chutney too as they go hand in hand and are the two important chutneys for our chaat items.This chutney too can be prepared in a jiffy and stored for 10 days.I always make this chutney a little extra and love to have them with parathas too.Try it,Iam sure you’ll like it too.Coriander,the main ingredient of this chutney has a good source of folic acid,vitamin A and beta carotene.It also has strong anti oxidant properties and helps reduce the feeling of nausea.With simple coriander leaves you can do…

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It is a regular feature in my home to make chaats,be it any variety on weekends.Who doesn’t love them and my daughter is so fond of it that she will have it as a meal itself.I love to eat chaats whenever we eat out, but always worry about the water they use for mixing these chutneys.So when it comes to homemade preparation Iam free of these worries and sit back with my family and enjoy a delicious chaat with them.Last week my daughter wanted ragada pattice and i made it and also made the tamarind dates chutney in which i…

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We all make snacks at home and for the various South Indian savouries addition of urad dal flour is a must.I always have a good stock of urad dal flour at home for many reasons.Anytime hubby dear may barge into the kitchen and demand snacks,or would invite his friends over.It is always a practice to make this flour homemade and you do get it at some stores but not as the rice flour.It can be made at your leisure time and can be added into many savouries like Murkku, Thattai, Seedai and of course the melt in your mouth Thenkuzhal….

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Mangoes are in season now and everywhere i can see vendors selling mangoes at a considerably cheaper rate,owing to the large harvest of mangoes this year.I got a large batch of ripe and unripe mangoes this year from a farm of my hubby’s friend.I made sun dried mangoes,instant pickle, Avakkai and my daughter’s favorite pickle Mango Thokku. She will always say i can’t match Pamba,that’s how she calls my mom,but any ways i tried and we all enjoyed. Thokku is made generally from big mangoes which have lots of flesh.It’s always a joy to make pickle with mangoes afterall it…

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Iam very happy to post this recipe as it is the 50th post in my blog.I thought why not celebrate it with some sweet,so here’s the post. Besan as we all know is gram flour and this recipe can be made easily even by beginners and enjoyed.Only roasting the gram flour gently is the trick.My daughter is very fond of sweets and she helped me this time to click the pictures as i was making ladoos. They came out pretty well and we enjoyed it a lot.These ladoos will delight you from the regular ones due the heavenly taste of…

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There are sometimes when we are left with small quantities of veggies at home.Mostly I make aviyal with assorted veggies,but this time I had cauliflower and broccoli too.I was planning for simple roti and dal for dinner and was wondering what to do with these small bits of left out vegetables.As I was not in a mood to prepare an elaborate side dish, this mix veg kadai fry was very apt for my dinner schedule  yesterday.Usually I like to have two side dishes while preparing any indian flat bread,one gravy based and one dry.So this dry variety was a welcome change at home and all loved it with hot rotis.You can try with your own liking and choose vegetables accordingly.This is how I made this recipe of a medley of vegetables.

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This is a simple dry curry normally prepared in all house holds as an accompaniment to rice and sambhar and rasam.Some dry curries taste best with tamarind based gravies some with curd baesed gravies.I will soon post a seperate list of which tastes best with which.Unlike other recipes with ash gourd this one does not need curd.Seeing the health benefits of ash gourd i make any one variety of any ash gourd dish at least once a week.It has carbohydrate,protein and fibre and is very moist i.e.it has high water content.Due to it’s diuretic properties patients have said to have…

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A simple yet healthy filling dish this keerai masiyal is nothing but mashed spinach .Keerai in tamil is spinach and masiyal is to mash..This is a typical tamil brahmin accompaniment with rice and any gravy or rasam. As we all know all greens are loaded with the goodness of irons and vitamins and this recipe has a very few steps and can be made in a matter of 10 minutes.I have used mulai keerai,a variety of spinach available here,but you can follow the same procedure with any variety of spinach you have.This variety of spinach has thick stem in it…

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