Curry with Coconut, Indian Festival Recipes


Vazhaikai is Plaintain or Raw Banana in Tamil.Raw banana occupies a distinct place in the cooking of South Indian households.Normally anything with raw banana is made on certain fasting days,festivals and ceremonies.Also it is made without the addition of onion and garlic,which makes it apt to eat during these days.As today being the Aadi masa porappu,i.e. the first day of the Tamil month of aadi,I made today,Vazhaikai Podimas. It is a very easy recipe involving minimal ingredients and a typical Tambrahm Menu was made.I will post the full Thali tommorow as part of the Lunch Menu Plan I am planning…

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Curry with Coconut, No Onion No Garlic, Rice Accompaniments


This red cabbage corn curry is a rare thing at home since hubby dosn’t have a liking for red cabbage.But for daughter’s sake i made this curry coupled with corn which is not only nutritious but easy to make as well.I have made it with coconut so you can have it with rice and any south indian gravy.I have tasted this in amarriage and was not certain how it would taste,but when i saw Dhivya enjoying it changrd my mind and made it for her last week.It was tasting so good and i think i’ll be making this often now.See…

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Curry with Coconut, Dairy Free, Easy, Ovo Vegetarian, Rice Accompaniments, Vegan, Vegetarian


This is a simple dry curry normally prepared in all house holds as an accompaniment to rice and sambhar and rasam.Some dry curries taste best with tamarind based gravies some with curd baesed gravies.I will soon post a seperate list of which tastes best with which.Unlike other recipes with ash gourd this one does not need curd.Seeing the health benefits of ash gourd i make any one variety of any ash gourd dish at least once a week.It has carbohydrate,protein and fibre and is very moist has high water content.Due to it’s diuretic properties patients have said to have…

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Curry with Coconut, Dairy Free, Easy, No Onion No Garlic, Ovo Vegetarian, Rice Accompaniments, Vegan, Vegetarian


Potatoes are an all time favourite veggie irrespective of age.In our house all are big fans of good old potato.I like it most because of its versatality and flexiblity.You can prepare innumerable variety of dishes with it and it can be featured for any time of the meal.Potato podimas happens to be hubby’s favourite.I make this on sundays so that he can enjoy podimas fully.Moreover when you want to prepare a no onion dish this would be an excellent option.It’s easy to make ,only the boiling part takes 10 minutes.If you are in a hurry you can boil and peel…

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