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Mysore Masala Dosa is popular Dosa  variety originating from Tuluva Mangalorean cuisine and is found in all Udipi Hotels. This particular Dosa variety is made with two stuffings, one potato masala and the other the unique red chutney that is spread on it. Whenever we go to restaurants here in Bangalore, I always like to have it along with Rava Idli. The traditional Mysore Masala Dosa is thick , but at the same time very crisp and spongy in the centre. This is due to the well ground and fermented batter and spreading it properly on the griddle or tawa….

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Vada Curry is a South Indian side dish for Idlis and Dosas. Though we don’t make this frequently I wanted to try this for quite a long time. I have seen this recipe in most South Indian speciality restaurants and is eaten with great relish. You can also serve this with hot Puris and soft Dosas. As it goes this is a Chettinad delicacy and is most popular there. Also some people make it thick or thin gravy a per their taste and convenience. I have heard from my friend whose family is from Chettinad region, the original recipe calls…

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We all know Adai is a lentil based crepe and is full of protein and goodness. When we speak of Diabetes or any health related issues nutritionists often recommend the inclusion of wheat in place of rice in the menu. Rice is used as one of the main ingredients in Adai, but in this case it is replaced by wheat. I have the recipe of this tasty breakfast recipe Adai and  Thinai Adai (Fox Millet Adai). Usually served with jaggery or Palm jaggery with dollops of ghee on top this is one fulfilling recipe for the hungry tummy. There can be many variations in…

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Moong Dal Khichdi is a delicious one pot meal using rice, lentils with a few spices and vegetables. There are many variations and methods in making this, but I have stuck to a basic simple method using pan. The time taken was less than I thought, since the original recipe calls for making it in a pressure cooker and I made it in Nirlep Selec+ fry pan. Not only the contents didn’t stick to the bottom, the whole recipe was made without effort and the outcome simply heavenly. My daughter enjoyed this today for breakfast and I am now tempted…

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I have been on a break for a long time now since Diwali as I was travelling. But after all that hectic tour and festivities it is good to be back blogging again. After all this is one of my satisfying things to do. Millets are spoken nowadays in all households and slowly people are taking interest in making and consuming them. This is Little Millet which is gluten free and easy to digest as well. I have made a few recipes with millets such as pongal, dosa and adai. But there are a lot of recipes to make these…

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Pancakes are always filling and tasty, if taken during breakfast. I make it once in a while and my daughter Dhivya relishes each time I make it. I have already two pancake recipes in my blog, but this one is full of chocolate and bananas. I generally make this for breakfast but you can try this for evening snack as well. It is one of the most easy recipes and takes very less time to prepare and it doesn’t involve any expertise in making these delicious pancakes. You can make a lot of variations in this by adding fruits like…

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We all have corn flakes, oats or wheat flakes with milk and fruits for breakfast. Granola or Museli are tasty versions of breakfast cereal. Regarding granola, it consists of rolled oats, nuts, seeds and honey or any sweetner. I have added almonds and dates which are a  great source of energy and strength. If you add flax seeds to this it adds to your digestion. But since I did not have flax seeds in hand I have added melon seeds which is equally delicious and tasty. I have been wanting to post this recipe for long and I got this…

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ALU POHA Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and it is often neglected and missed by most of us. If it is healthy and tasty then you can be energetic throughout the day. It is always hectic in the mornings at everyone’s house, but with proper planning and with available ingredients you can create wonders. Poha or beaten rice is one healthy option for breakfast. It is the most favorite breakfast item for Maharashtrians and Gujaratis. I have already a recipe in my blog called Kanda Poha which is another version of this tasty…

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Sometime back I had a chance to try Savorit brand’s Gopuram sevai or idiyappam recipes. They turned out super hit at home and I have made this several times but hadn’t had the chance to post here. I like the traditional sevai which is made in the nazhi or press and it is well liked at home as well. But this instant version was equally good, cutting down the process of hard labour but not compromising on the taste.  I have added many vegetables here, so you can pack this for lunch as well. I have many variations in this…

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  Recently I got a packet of Pea Flour from Dhatu Organics to try out. As I was wondering what to do with this amazing product, I realised I had no vegetables but only carrots in hand. An instant brain strom gave birth to this delicious recipe and I made soft and fluffy sevai or idiyappam flavoured with Idli Molaga Podi. The recipe was an innovative one and so tasty for our evening snack. As it turned out I made some more for dinner as well as it was liked by all at homePea flour has a number of health…

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It is yet another time to review a product from Kai Ruchi. Kai Ruchi is a premier South Indian online store for South Indian delicacies. I was happy to receive this pack and it was an awesome treat for dinner. Avallaki or Aval as you might call is nothing but flattened rice also called poha. Quite a few interesting recipes are made with this wonderful flattened rice and I am sharing here Instant Lemon Avalakki. The lemon added in the mix adds a nice flavour and fresh touch to the dish. Career or working women, bachelors, even kids can try…

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