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The aroma of freshly brewed coffee always brings comfort to my mind and spirit. I can’t do anything in the morning without having a regular dose of coffee. Coffee is such an integral part of our lives that you cannot do anything before enjoying it in the mornings. This is a drink made by boiling milk with added sugar and frothing it before adding the decoction extracted from the filter. The coffee though made in filters has different names such as Madras kappi, Kumbakonam Degree kappi, Mysore coffee and so on. Coffee beans used commonly are arabica and robsta. Also…

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Masala Milk is a delicious concoction of milk and spices with lots of nuts and sugar.I tried this milk at the temple city of Kumbakonam in a restaurant.Though I have made this several times at home,I am blogging about this now only.This is one traditional milk drink made in all households which is full of nutrients and calcium.My daughter who is fussy in drinking milk at times loved this and I was truly satisfied.While growing up mom used to give pepper and turmeric milk whenever I caught cold and flu.This has an added advantage of nuts and spices which when…

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All are fond of Hot Chocolate at home.The temperature has done down here and it is always comforting to have a hot cup of chocolate anytime for any age group people.I made a fresh batch of Hot Chocolate Drink Mix yesterday and it was a huge hit home.People who are in the habit of drinking coffee will surely like this as this has the sweet taste of milk from the milk powder and slight bitterness from the cocoa powder.I searched for the recipe in the internet and found it quite interesting and sounded tasty and immediately started making it.This is…

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