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It is a common feature in all our homes during peak morning hours of breaking our heads as what to pack for lunch.It is no exception in my household too and I end up making something which is quick to make, easy to carry and filling too.This Instant Puli Sevai is one such recipe.It can be made in a matter of seconds and is very ideal for bachelors or working women.Here both sevai or idiyappam and puliyodhare mix is readymade and store bought.I had this wonderful opportunity of writing reviews for Eastern Spices and I am posting recipes as and…

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It is a favorite gravy,this Morkuzhambu.But this one does not involve the usual soaking of dals and the lengthy proceedure. This is an easy recipe which I learnt from my MIL who learnt it from her MIL.Secret family recipe.As I was scrolling in my blog,I realised I didn’t have this yogurt based recipe ,so I started preparing it instantly.Even bachelors who want to have morkuzhambu the easy way can go ahead with this.The other point to be noted here is that,even if you don’t have any veggie,still you can make this as I have made this with Manathakkali Vathal. You…

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