Adai Varieties, Breakfast Recipes, Millet Recipes


Adai is a lentil crepe made for breakfast or dinner in South India usually along with rice.But here I have used a healthy version and included Fox Millet which is otherwise called Thinai in Tamil,Kangni in Hindi and Navane in Kannada.Whatever it’s name may be it is a very healthy substitute for rice.Fox Millet has innumerable health benefits.You can add a lot of variations in this by adding veggies like shallots,onions,drumstick leaves and cabbage to make it more nutritious. Thinai when consumed regularly lowers sugar levels,has iron content and lots of Vitamin B.So whenever possible make idlis,dosas and adai with…

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Adai Varieties, Breakfast Recipes, Dinner recipes, Tiffin


Adai is a crepe made out of lentils and rice.And it is one of the protein filled breakfast or tiffin recipes because of the lots of lentils in it.It is made thicker than the dosa,so it is filling so had as night meal.Considered healthy also it also has ordinary and and boiled rice as well.I usually make this once a week and tastes great when served direct from the tawa.It was during my childhood days that i enjoyed eating these stuff from my mom.It was so crisp on the outside and soft on the outside.So whenever you want to have…

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