Ladoo Recipes, Sweets


I received a package recently from goindiaorganic which contained organic coconut sugar.It is one healthy version of sugar which contains low glycemic index,unrefined,raw,high nutrient and vegan and is suitable for sugar patients as well.I wanted to make a healthy version of Aata Ladoo so set out to make these from organic coconut sugar.It is an easy replacement to cane sugar.You can use them as your regular sugar in all the recipes you make.It will be tasty and above all guilt free.It contains organic granulated coconut and flower blossom nectar.You can just notice the colour of slight brown in the ladoos,but…

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This Spaghetti is an all time comfort food of my daughter.She can have this any time of the day and will never complain even if I pack it for her lunch.I have made this home made sauce,but you can try the same with store bought one.I know all kinds of pastas are loved by kids and this will be a sure hit at home.Trying this with available ingredients at home is a satisfying affair.The juicy and red tomatoes incorporates a good colour and fresh taste to the spaghetti.I have a Corn Spaghetti in my blog,so tried this variety now.You can…

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Breakfast Series


Starting today,on weekends I will be posting some breakfast ideas as well in addition to Lunch Menu Series.I have 3 Lunch Menu Series now and I thought why not do a breakfast series today?I have all these recipes on my blog except Rava Kesari and Filter Coffee which I shall post soon.I made all these last sunday and I didn’t make any lunch.It was a nice feeling to make all these recipes and shared this with some visiting friends.You can make Mini Idli Sambhar,Ven Pongal or Keerai Vada too.The choice and variety here is endless. I had idly batter ready…

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Dry Curry, Easy, Potato Recipes, Side Dish for Roti


Have you a tried a simple cumin flavoured potato curry in less then 10 minutes?This is a versatile dish that goes with almost anything,easy to make and super tasty.Normally in busy mornings when I make phulkas for Dhivya for lunch box,I make this and she never complains as she is very much fond of this.This is a quick no onion no garlic recipe too,fit for those fasting days. Vrat recipes are not that hard and tasteless as you might think.You can also try by adding cumin powder also but since I wanted the nutty and crunchiness,I added only jeera.You can…

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Paneer, Side Dish for Roti


Paneer is a substantially protein food for vegetarians and is full of calcium and Viatamin D. It is a totally satisfying scene if you happen to see your child’s plate polished away in no time.My daughter likes paneer and I made this bhurji with it sometime back.It is very easy recipe and I followed it from an old cookbook of mine.With less time involved in the preparation one can easily pack this as a side for rotis for lunch and also for diinner as well.The paneer is crumbled and mixed with spices and onions with tomatoes.The resulting dish is an…

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Diwali Snacks, Gokulashtami Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Potato Recipes


Potato Murukku is a crispy snack made out of rice flour and potatoes.Since Janmashtami is tommorow,you can give it a try in addition to the regular delicacies.Here in Bangalore Kannadigas offer many sweets in savouries for the occasion.I wanted to try some sweets too,but since I was unwell had to do with this recipe only.Potato Murukku is a recipe I saw in a magazine and was tempted to try and to my satisfaction came out well.This is a very and fool proof recipe and involves very less ingredients and takes less time for preparing too.You can use homemade rice flour…

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Avani Avittam Recipes, Indian Festival Recipes, Snacks, Traditional Recipes, Vada


Aama Vadai or Paruppu Vadai as it is called is a bengal gram and tur dal based fritter usually made during festivals in Tamil Nadu.It is specially made during Weddings,Boghi and Avani Avittam. Avani Avitttam or Upakarma is a vedic ritual practiced by Hindus of Brahmin caste.It is conducted once in a year during the month of Shravana when Brahmins change their Upanayana thread. This day is also important as Brahmins worship Rishis and offer libation of water to their ancestors. Amongst other delicacies Paruppu Poli and Paruppu Payasam is also made.The vadai is a no garlic no onion recipe,since…

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Lunchbox Ideas, Pulao, Rice Variety


Methi Matar Pulao is a delicious combination of green methi or fenugreek leaves and peas with cooked rice and spices. This time I set to make a green pulao with fresh methi leaves and peas and the result was overwhelming. All at home liked it to the core and I was totally pleased with the outcome. I made this pulao with Kohinoor Super Basmati Rice, naturally aged for 24 months, thus matured for the perfect taste and as we all know it is 100% original Pusa variety and has buttery softness rice when cooked and the grains are long and…

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Biryani, Lunchbox Ideas, Rice Variety


Cooking Mushroom Biryani was in my list for long. So when I saw fresh mushrooms in the market, I immediately decided to cook this recipe. I couldn’t resist buying these cute little white mushrooms and thought of cooking them with Kohinoor brand Gold range Extra Long Basmati Rice which is aged & matured naturally for 24 months for its perfect taste & extraordinary length, makes the dish really special. Kohinoor Gold range of Extra-long Basmati rice is a 100% pure & original basmati which gives fluffy & well separated rice post cooking with its subtle aroma, thus making this the…

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Lunch Menu Ideas


Amongst other things,it is a tasty affair during weekends at home.I normally make an elaborate meal,since we all have time to eat at leisure and enjoy some scrumptious food besides catching up with each other’s events over the week.I wake up lazily on weekends,but when I spring in to kitchen,things are a bit different.I enjoy cooking for the family and this week it happened to be a tasty South Indian platter with a few delicious recipes.As I said earlier I will also be posting some North Indian recipe ideas too in the long run,so keep tuned to my blog for…

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Ice Creams, Mango Recipes


There could be no one who doesn’t like ice creams,right?Well I am no exception to it and love ice creams of all sorts.Whenever possible I try to make ice cream at home and this time when there were lots of mangoes at home last week,tried this mango recipe which was soft,creamy and just melted in the mouth.This lip smacking ice cream is no hard work,but it takes time to make it,that’s all.I have used condensed milk and fresh cream which resulted in creamy texture of the ice cream. Dhivya loved it to the core and had two helpings in one…

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